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Scott Jaeger top 10 at Bocuse D'Or

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This started in the CFD thread but as it was off topic and certainly deserves a thread of it's own I wanted to offer my sincere congratulations to Scott for finishing 7th (thanks Barolo) out of a field of 24.

When you think of the resources most countries have at their disposal (and even here the former Canadian entrants -Michael Noble and Chris Mills had a large hotel backing them) his placing in the top ten is pretty impressive. All the while running his restaurant Pear Tree.

The winner by the way was France. The website for the Bocuse D'Or only lists the top three finishes so not sure who else was in the top 10.

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You are right, Scott deserves more recognition for his accomplishment. Simply raising the money to compete seems to be a big challenge, to do it while running his restaurant requires a huge a commitment.

Kudos to Scott.



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I thought "Alberta's" Robert Sulatyky had the highest placement for a Canadian chef. He apparently came in 4th in 1999.

I know Michael Noble got considerable public acclaim in the original Iron Chef show. Did he compete in Bocuse D'Or as well?

I use the term "Alberta's" advisedly given I think he was at Diva at the Met when he competed and is now I think in California, the Beverly Hills Hotel?

I met his father, who is a Judge in Alberta, at a legal conference and did not make the connection until mid way through the morning and that was the end of the legal discussion as wine and food and cooking took over....as well they should! [smile]

Regardless,well done to Mr. Jaeger. We tried to make reservations to go to the Pear Tree the last time we visited Vancouver but he was in Charlottetown PEI with the kitchen brigade likely competing for this opportunity.

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Congratulations to Scott!  Is that a Canadian Team's highest finish yet?

The highest place was Robert Sulatycky who placed 4th in 1999

I only know the following other results:

France 1st

Denmark 2nd

Switzerland 3rd

Canada 7th

England 10th

Australia 12th

USA 14th

The Bocuse d'Or is one of the premier international cooking competitions in the world. It is organized under the stewardship of famed French chef Paul Bocuse and is held every two years in Lyon, France where two days of intense cooking culminate in the presentation of the Gold Bocuse Trophy to an overall international grand winner. The 2007 Bocuse d’Or takes place January 23 and 24, 2007.

The Bocuse d'Or invites twenty-four chefs from around the globe, representing their respective countries, to vie for top honours by preparing two platters for service of 12 persons using two specified ingredients. As Paul Bocuse likes to say, "Cooking is simple!" The two chosen ingredients are described as "everyday products that are not all that simple to cook, thus leaving a great deal of scope for the contestants' culinary skills." And he is correct! - The featured ingredients for the 2007 competition are Norwegian halibut and poulet de Bresse. The difficulty of these theme ingredients coupled with the five-hour time limit for preparation and the intense pressure of performing in front of thousands of cooking fans from all corners of the globe, television cameras and internationally renowned professional chefs provide for a great cooking spectacle. The competition was filmed by award winning Canadian documentary filmmaker Nick Versteeg.

Each competing country may send only one representative chef to this competition – Chef Jaeger won the right to compete on behalf of Canada in Lyon at the Canadian Culinary Federation’s National Selection Competition in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in 2004.

The Canadian judge at the competition was Robert Allen Sulatycky, currently Executive Chef of the Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles, California. Chef Sulatycky was Canada’s Bocuse d’Or competitor in 1999.

Here are the dishes Scott competed with for Bocuse d’Or CANADA

Halibut and King Crab Platter

Name of the Dish:

Slow-cooked “Rack” of Norwegian halibut, wrapped with Norwegian King Crab, black truffles and braised leeks, Crab and tarragon glaze, tomato “pearls”

Garnish #1:

Pickled golden beet with Norwegian crab and fennel salad under anise cured tomato

Garnish #2:

Sweet English pea tart with “cipollini” onion custard

Garnish #3:

Warm carrot jelly with salsify center and carrot “air”

“Poulet de Bresse” Platter

Name of the Dish:

Poulet de Bresse “en cocotte” with apples, Canadian rye whiskey, black truffles, chanterelles and Artisan bacon, plum apple glaze

Garnish #1:

Crisp potato cup with poached quail egg and Hollandaise sauce over chicken liver mousse

Garnish #2:

Warm haricots verts and walnuts over shallot quince jam and confit of Butternut squash

Garnish #3:

Thyme-roasted mushroom with foie gras and celeriac fondant, Albufera sauce

Cate Simpson

Les Dames d'Escoffier International



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I will show my appreciation by going and having dinner at the Pear Tree. It has been awhile.

I think a Chef who ranks # 7 in the WORLD is worth a visit.

No kidding! Did you have a look at the brochure in barolo's post?? Stunning!

Let me know when you're going. J & I will join you with our Maple Leaf chef's toques!


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Wow! Congratulations to the team!

The photos of the dishes were incredible. Thanks Barolo.

Lucky me, got taken to the Pear Tree for my birthday late last year and we were very impressed.

The first course I had were the oysters with the tomato "pearls" and they were little bits of tomato bliss!

How lucky we are, to have him in our city!


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