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Nut-Crusted Fish question

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We occasionally like nut-crusted fish, but invariably if I follow recipe instructions, the crust becomes burned. With chichen, we've found that just doing it a minute on each side in the skillet and then putting it in the over at 375 for, say, 10 minutes worked great. I guess I could do that with the fish too. Comments? How do you prevent burning the nuts?

For what it's worth, I tend to use my ol' cash iron skillet and heat it to medium high.

Thanks much!

Sidecar Ron

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Actually, we do this a lot, mostly pine nuts and pistachios, and the oven works much better than the skillet, in terms of controlling an even browning. It's possible to sear first, then coat and bake for 8-10 minutes, but I've also skipped searing, just coated with nuts and baked for 15-20. Seems like we do it at 175-200C.

good luck,


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