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Michael Mina's cookbook


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I've glanced at it, it's a beautiful book with great photography. I'm wondering if anyone has it and has tried anything in it yet. Looks like it might be good for entertaining/special occasions, especially in the summer when certain things are in season.

I'm also thinking about getting a French cookbook. I had my mother in law over and she was impressed with what I made from Batali's book, but I'd like to try French cooking, expand my horizons a bit. I can make pretty much anything from a recipie. I'd like to try one of Boulud's books, maybe even the French Laundry book. But I'm willing to take advice from others here because I really don't know what French cookbooks are worth getting. I prefer more contemporary style cooking, if that helps. And things where I'm not spending more on ingredients than I would if I actually went to the French Laundry or Robuchon.

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