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tommy g

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Sorry to be off topic, but I was at Loop Lounge last week too, on a Sunday.....gee Tommy, us e-gulleters have good taste!

for the FMU/Holmes party? (edit: oops, that was the 7th. *seems* like last week.)

peter, it hasn't changed one bit. 'cept the people got younger, and i got older.


I was afraid you were going to say that. Ha Ha. If I only knew what I know now then.

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Peter Conway

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I would go for an Italian Hot Dog and an Italian Sausage from Tommy's in Elizabeth. In my experience the Italian hot dog is rarely if ever found outside of Jersey, and never done right. I can not think of any other meal that I can get only in New Jersey.

But I am torn as I'd also want one more trip to Charlie's Pool Room, the most idiosyncratic restaurant in New Jersey, for a couple of "Mealies."

Holly Moore

"I eat, therefore I am."



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You beat me to it. My last meal would also be an Italian Hot Dog. But what I would do would be to go to Jimmy Buffs East Hanover location, get a single, a footlong, (same dog that Syd's serves, but sauteed in oil then charbroiled) and a quarter pounder (same dog as Max's, griddled then charbroiled) topped with their unique chili, which I'm told is Bolognese style. Whatever that is. But it's delicious.

John the hot dog guy

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