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Wrinkly Chocolates

Stephanie Wallace

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yup - after the curtain in the enrober, while the piece is still on the belt, there will be a 'blower'. typically you can control the airspeed, and it's main purpose is to remove excess chocolate so you don't have 60% chocolate, 40% center, but something more appropriate. Note that the air must not be hot air, or you'll detemper your chocolate. Also, you'll need a chocolate with a fairly high yield value on it - if the YV is too low, those ripples will simply fall back on themselves and you'll be back at where you started...

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Using a blow dryer may not be the best idea, when you consider t hat you are blowing hot air onto tempered chocolate. Unless you have one that blows cold air. I learned in school to blow on them with you mouth. This may not sound like the most sanitary solution, especially if you’re going to be selling them. But if they are for you, I don’t see any problem.

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you can also place a structure sheet on top of them after they have been enrobed

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I ended up using a hair-dryer, though I'd like to find an air gun with a slightly more focused beam.

bripastryguy: Unfortunately, there is no way to use a transfer sheet without creating both a difference in sheen and a noticeable edge.

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