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Lunch and Dinner in Ft Lauderdale and Miami?

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I am going to be in Miami Sunday and Monday. I am going to be able to have Lunch on Sunday and Dinner on Monday. I am going to be staying in Ft Lauderdale but would like to go to Miami. I have never be to the area and am looking forward to a taste of South Florida. I would love to have some local cuban food while I am in the area. I stayed in Tampa/St Pete for a time and loved the food. Please any ideas would be appreciated. :biggrin:

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I enjoy a Cuban resturant in North Miami called Little Havana. It's old school but nice and reasonably priced. The waiters are professionals and take care of you. Dinners are reasonably priced.

Address & Phone:

12727 Biscayne Blvd.

North Miami, FL 33181

Phone: (305) 899-9069

There is also a great web site you can check out: Three Guys from Miami

There are tons of other great places in the area as well.


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If you'd like to try some stupendous Argentinian fusion food (it's fused with French and Jewish influences) about 11 minutes farther south on Biscayne, check out this thread.

It's spectacularly good food.

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