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Haggis anyone?


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For many years I've gotten very excited about having a haggis dinner but with chinese new year and my dad and brother's birthdays surrounding it, I've often missed out.

Well, not this year. This year I have promised myself haggis.

The question is, where can one go for a proper robbie burns day dinner with haggis?

I'd much rather not tuck into my can of vegetarian haggis I've got kicking around if I can help it.

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can of vegetarian haggis

Everything about that is just wrong, wrong wrong.

:laugh: My thoughts exactly...

I do not know about Robbie Burns dinners this year, but there are a few butcher shops that can help with your haggis cravings.

I bought some last year from Jackson Meats on Granville and it was good. However, the one I was served two years ago for New Year's Eve by my Scottish friend was incomparably more flavourful. I am almost positive that she got it from the British Butcher Shoppe in North Van.

Let us know what you find!

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In past years......

Books to Cooks comes through - she is sold out though.

Doolin's Irish Pub 654 Nelson Street (at Granville St.)

Robbie Burns Day at SFU Pipers, poetry and haggis at all three campuses and SFU Pipe Band's Robbie Burns Dinner (was at the Executive in Coquitlam last year).

Robbie Burns Day at the Scottish Cultural Centre

Robbie Burns Night Doc Morgan's Pub, Snug Cove

And of course Toddish McWong's Gung Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinner as mentioned above.


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In Aldergrove at Del Pollo

The Mad Celts

...their repertoire includes the music of Ireland, Scotland, Newfoundland, The Maritimes and Australia ~ add in a little bit of humour, and some sing-a-longs and you've got a night of excellent entertainment!

Saturday, January 20th 2007

Haggis & Roast Beast Dinner $17.95

Juicy prime rib and a wee bit of haggis, topped with a rich Scotch Whiskey gravy, served with neeps 'n tatties and veggies

Haggis "Del Pollo" $15.95

Bob's own invention - chicken breast stuffed with haggis and topped with a rich Scotch Whiskey gravy, served with neeps 'n tatties and veggies


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