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Tipping Outside of Restaurants


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Any profession which requires a college education flat out deserves to be making more money than one that doesn't. 

I agree that teachers on the whole should be paid more. But I don't agree that the level of education you need to get into a field has a direct bearing on how much your work is worth on the market. You usually need a PhD to be a philosopher or an art historian, but in many cases people are not willing to pay much at all for your work. On the other hand, a plumber doesn't need an undergraduate degree but his or her work can be very valuable.

One more post before I start putting my tipping theories into practice tonight (sadly, the only teacher in the bunch dropped out, I was hoping to get some solid field research done).

First, as I learned getting my college degree, the market determines salaries, not some abstract accreditation process. No one deserves to make more money because of their college degree, but they often make more money because their college degree puts them in greater demand.

Second, I did the math for Marylisa's waiters, assuming 3 slow days a week at $60/night (4 hrs at $15) and three good days at 100/night (5 hrs at $20) and came out at $24K/year. Just another number to throw into the pile, but one that feels realistic to me and imploes that, though hourly earnigs might be good, waiters aren't getting rich. That's for 300 days work, not 188.

And, finally where's your restaurant, Marylisa? If it's East of the park, we may get by...

You make me a little nervous to say...based on your other posts I've read. :biggrin: But we are in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria....It's called FireFlies.. Rumor has it that we serve a pretty tasty pizza. I like it.. but I'm a little biased! We also have everything from a Thai Bouillabaisse to steak..to a vegetarian wheatloaf served with a salsify mashed potato cake, rst carrots and a sherry mushroom gravy.. We're small..neighborhood-y and I think we sell the best turkey sandwich I've ever had. We cook everything during service in our pizza oven in cast iron pans...hovering around 650 degrees.. produces a pretty nice sear on a steak.. ok...sorry for the huge restaurant plug...

But stop in and see us!

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