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Pre-seasoning, Prime Grade P/Rib, Where to buy


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New to the list and my brain is swimming with all these test recipes for prime rib.

My own preference for roasting comes straight from Barbara Kafka and her ROASTING:

high heat (500 for 45 min), then 325 for 12 mins and then 450 for 12 mins

should read 325

Can't find real Prime Grade: Bryans on California Street in San Francisco is terrific; this is the same butcher that Chef's Catalog features. They dry age 21 or 24 days.They have the best beef I've had since a kid in the 50s in Chicago where restaurants no matter how lowly offered Chicago Stockyard meat. Most Prime Grade I agree is not all that tasty.

Judy Rodgers of San Francisco's Zuni's Cafe has advocated salting a day or two in advance of cooking for just about all meat.....and seafood, a "truc" she learned during her apprenticeships in France. It does not dry out the meat, rather seals in moisture I find, and makes the meat much better in taste and texture. If hesitant, try pork chops or steak first.

I've also found that many of the ranches offering grassfed beef are offering a new taste in beef that's not been available for many years. Of course they don't use antiobiotics nor the crappy grain that is fed to most cattle; SF's best restaurants now have a ranch, a soure for the best beef I've ever tasted in 60 years.

I can't divulge which grass-fed ranches are best but remember grassfed beef has many grades so one has to try and retry ranches, most of which ship overnight. For example, everyone in SF wants Neiman Ranch meats because they are not non-nitrate and are chemical free but I find their meats tasteless and tough. (Hope I'm not sacrificed at the stake for heresy.)

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