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Prime Rib Roast


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I found a picture of a prime rib roast from a few years ago, using methods fundamentally similar to what I described in this post. This is a 10-week dry-aged piece of USDA prime meat courtesy of my former butcher and partner-in-crime. 


This was probably cooked to an interior temperature of 129°F or so. Now I prefer to go a few degrees higher, to better melt the marbling. I find I gives a better texture, without any noticeable reduction in juiciness or flavor. 


It's hard for me to imagine any advantages to the lower temperature ostensibly recommended by Blumenthal. How much more evenly can you cook meat? But you you would definitely get worse texture, greater loss of juices, less predictablility, and as Btbird points out, added danger.


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Notes from the underbelly

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