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ISO: Cocktail Ideas for Wine Syrup


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One of the products i manufacture ( may i just add that i dislike that word) is a shiraz syrup. And one of the avenues that i'm testing it in is the cocktail business.

The syrup is made by heavily concentrating the shiraz and also adding some sugar - and so we have a shiraz syrup (dah). Having the shiraz as a syrup completly changes the product and opens it up to a varitey of uses - cocktail being one (i hope)

I've not seen any type of cocktails with wine before, but i suppose adding 'raw' red wine to a cocktail might not be so nice.

Can you guys give me an idea of your experience with making any type of wine cocktail, opinions, etc.

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I use shiraz, that is a couple of years old. Shiraz that is ready to drink.

Now i basically concentrate (boil) the shiraz, and add some sugar. (I dont add too much sugar ) and the end result is of syrup consistancy.

Its probably i little bit similar to vino cotto, except i'm using ready to drink wine.

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No tannin taste.

I imagine the flavour profile is going to be not dissimilar to (though probably less complex than) balsamic vinegar.

A web search on balsamic + cocktail (or balsamic martini) would throw up some ideas you could play with.


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Ok so how about a New York Sour. First you must wander about the city, have a slice, get a great espresso, dodge a crusty gutter punk from Conn. Then get.

2.0 oz. Rye

.75 oz. fresh lemon juice

.75ish oz. simple syrup

1.0 large egg for the white only.

A drizzle of big bold red wine.

Put the rye, lemon, simple, and egg white in a shaker. Shake WITHOUT ICE. Add a few chunks of cold, sticky ice, shake like you f*%king mean it. Strain into a glass of your choice. Make sure you get as much froth out as possible. Drizzle the old grape juice on top. It will sink to the bottom, or you will be making Jackson Pollack proud with the art on top. The Espuma should stick to your upper lip in a way that makes Guinness and milk jealous.

Very good on cold nights. Actually good on all nights


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