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Dine Out Vancouver - The Topic (2002-2007)


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It is with severe regret that we just had to cancel a reservation at Il Giardino for 8 people on the 22nd at 7:30 PM. I'm sure they will have no problem filling it but I wanted to let everyone here know first for a seat to a Friday night table.


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Ooh, it's getting exciting now:


Diva at the Met

Blue Water Café



Well, exciting for me, at least!! two new restaurants, and two old favourites.


Added Blue Water Café next Friday, my first Frank Pabst meal in how long? :biggrin: and they're putting our party in the private wine cellar or whatever it is. Yay!!

Agenda-free since 1966.

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I am looking forward to Irish Heather on Saturday at 6pm. Anyone else have reservations?

I also want to make it to Hamilton Street Grill next week.

Oh! I forgot to include the HSG DOV lunch on Monday!

Diva - Thursday

Blue Water Café - Friday

HSG lunch - Monday

Brix - Wednesday

Parkside - Friday

Next time most of you see me, I will, no doubt, be rolling down the street like Violet Beauregarde, rather than practicing my usual pedestrian perambulation.

Agenda-free since 1966.

Foodblog: Power, Convection and Lies

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Monthly trip into Vancouver got to finally do Chambar on Monday night. From start to finish it was excellent, sat at the bar to outstanding service from the bartender - had the DOV choices of Belgian Endive salad to start, Lamb Tagine for main (not enough places do tagine at all, needless to say do it really well -but this was outstanding!), then the belgian waffle for dessert - for $25 it was excellent value all around. Front of the house being looked after by ex-Lumiere staff - it shows - very well run property - already planning to go back on my next trip.


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I am looking forward to Irish Heather on Saturday at 6pm. Anyone else have reservations?

I also want to make it to Hamilton Street Grill next week.

I am trying to get in for this Sunday night, haven't hear back from Sean, so hopefully we can go. Let me know Ling how you enjoyed it. I could do with some comfort food right night on the dark and wintery night!


"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

-Virginia Woolf

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I have a reso at the Irish Heather on Sunday night at 6:30 so may see you there Danielle (although as we've never met, will just gaze around the place trying to figure out who you might be :hmmm: )

On Wednesday, some friends and I will be going to the Mosaic Bar and Grille in the Hyatt because I liked their DOV menu. Though reading elsewhere, I note that someone had a less than stellar time last year. Oh well. Hopefully things have improved.

May try for one other place before this promotion rolls to a close but am not sure where we'd get in at this late a date.


Always take a good look at what you're about to eat. It's not so important to know what it is, but it's critical to know what it was. --Unknown

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Man, I just read the fine print on the Visa contest for DOV, and find that I was supposed to be picking up that little Visa brochure thing to get the code to enter the contest...three restaurants down and no entries. :hmmm:

Serves me right, I suppose. Ah well, four to go!

Agenda-free since 1966.

Foodblog: Power, Convection and Lies

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Question..... does anyone know which restaurants have extended there DOV promo past Feb 3rd?


Always take a good look at what you're about to eat. It's not so important to know what it is, but it's critical to know what it was. --Unknown

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Parkside, for one; till February 6. It's a gorgeous menu, too.

Thanks for this tip Deborah.... I've just made a reso for the 6th and am looking forward to it.

Thanks also to Ling re: HSG.... I thought I'd read earlier that they were open longer and you have confirmed that. And thanks Foodie re: Cru..... I am planning to try a meal there one day in the not-too-distant future.... at $36/3 courses it is very good value indeed. I like that a number of places have this option lately (or at least it seems like it's been occuring more lately)... a nice trend.


Always take a good look at what you're about to eat. It's not so important to know what it is, but it's critical to know what it was. --Unknown

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Today marks the official start of bookings for Dine Out 2006. The Tourism Vancouver website seems to be fairly slow in loading today - guess it is having load issues or something. But the menus are up and available if you can get through to the site:

Tourism Vancouver

Seems like a slightly different mix of restaurants than in year's past (most notably the Top Table group of restaurants is absent), and several are making their bookings available through Open Table to be booked directly as well.


Edited by Vancouver (log)
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By the way, here is the list and their code:

25 Adesso Bistro

32 A Kettle of Fish

28 Al Porto Ristorante

72 Amarcord Ristorante Italiano


65 Aria

50 Ashiana Tandoori Restaurant

35 Casablanca Lounge at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Georgia

23 As Time Goes By Restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Georgia

123 Aurora Bistro

33 Bacchus Restaurant

124 Beach House

86 Bistro Pastis

21 Boathouse Restaurant English Bay

17 Boathouse Restaurant Horseshoe Bay

18 Boathouse Restaurant New Westminster

27 Boathouse Restaurant White Rock

19 Boathouse Restaurant Richmond

22 Brasserie Bistro

120 BravoBistro

20 Bridges Restaurant

76 Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar

34 Cafe Pacifica

29 Caffe de Medici Ristorante Italiano

73 Cannery Seafood Restaurant

26 Capones Restaurant & Live Jazz Club

122 Cassis Bistro Inc

113 Chambar Belgian Restaurant

24 Chartwell - Four Seasons Hotel

139 Urban Thai Bistro

132 Chilli House Thai Bistro

131 Samba Brazilian Steakhouse

130 Thai House Restaurant Robson

71 Circolo

40 Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant

110 glowbal grill & satay bar

101 COAST Restaurant

67 Copper Chimney

58 C restaurant

141 C R U

5 Crystal Bar & Grille - Hilton Vancouver Metrotown

121 da Pasta Bar Restaurant

118 Delilah's Restaurant & Martini Bar

105 Denman St. Free House

39 Diva at the Met

136 Dockside Restaurant - in the Granville Island Hotel

53 Doc Morgan's Inn on the Boardwalk

137 Don Francesco Restaurant

79 Doolin's Irish Pub

80 Elixir Restaurant

114 Federico's Supper Club

90 Feenie's Restaurant

30 Fish House in Stanley Park

142 Fleuri Restaurant at The Sutton Place Hotel


48 Fogg n' Suds on Robson

74 Gotham Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar

102 Granville Room ~ Eatery & Cocktail Lounge

36 Griffins Restaurant

49 Gusto di Quattro

89 Tropika on Cambie

88 Tropika on Robson

87 Gyu Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant

57 Hamilton Street Grill

8 Hart House Restaurant

31 Hermitage Restaurant

37 Herons Restaurant & Lounge

97 Hon's Wun-Tun House Ltd.


64 Il Giardino

115 Cafe Il Nido

6 Imperial China Seafood Restaurant

38 Inlets Bistro & Lounge

9 Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

127 Kingston Taphouse & Grille

95 La Terrazza Restaurant - Fine Italian cuisine. Well crafted wines.

16 Le Gavroche

103 LIFT Bar Grill View

128 LK Dining Lounge

55 Lumiere Restaurant

82 Maurya Indian Cuisine

138 Medley's

46 Mi Bar and Grill

10 Milestone's English Bay

14 Milestone's Robson

116 Milestone's Yaletown

15 Milestone's Kitsilano

63 Milestone's Park Royal

92 Mill Marine Bistro (The)

140 Monk McQueens Restaurant

12 Mosaic Bar & Grille - Hyatt Regency Vancouver

66 Northlands Restaurant & Lounge

59 Nu

7 The Observatory

47 O'Doul's Restaurant & Bar

106 The Old Spaghetti Factory

112 One Restaurant Lounge

111 Ouisi Bistro - Vancouver's Only Cajon and Creole Restaurant

104 Parkside Restaurant

81 Provence Marinaside Restaurant

45 Quattro on Fourth

60 Raincity Grill

119 Red Door Pan Asian Grill

125 Relish Restaurant and Lounge

85 Rex Rotisserie & Grill

44 Romano's Macaroni Grill

100 Rossini's Restaurant and Jazz bar

99 Rossini's Restaurant and Jazz bar

61 The Salmon House

84 Saltaire Restaurant & Terrace

70 Seasons Hill Top Bistro

69 The Sequoia Grill At The Teahouse

68 The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant

126 Savory Coast Cucina Mediterranea

56 Shark Club Bar and Grill

91 Shaughnessy Restaurant

108 Show Case Restaurant and Bar

13 Stages Bistro & Lounge

43 Star Anise Restaurant

52 Steamworks Village Pub & Restaurant

51 Steamworks Brewing Company

83 The Sunset Grill

129 Tamarind Indian Bistro

41 Tantra WaterFront Lounge & Grill

117 Trafalgars Bistro

135 Vintropolis Wine Bar& Bistro

75 Vistas Revolving Restaurant and Bar

133 Watermark on  Kits Beach

11 Water St. Cafe

109 Westward Ho! Bar & Grill at the University Golf Club

96 White Spot - Coal Harbour

78 Wild Rice


134 Yagger's Downtown

77 Yaletown Brewing Co.

98 Zin Restaurant & Lounge

So just visit http://tourismvancouver.com/visitors/dinin...ails.php?id=XXX

and replace "XXX" with the number of the restaurant. That should give you a bit faster access while their website is running slow.


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I'm not sure if I want to hug or curse opentable.

Lumier - Sold out

Gothams -- Sold out

C - Available but large tables are sold out

This was as of 10am today (the first day of reservations!!)

"There are two things every chef needs in the kitchen: fish sauce and duck fat" - Tony Minichiello

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The menus look even better this year! :biggrin: I was browsing the site last night, and I had such a difficult time choosing where I wanted to eat!! I've made reservations for Diva and Parkside so far. (BTW--Parkside's Dine Out menu is in effect from Jan. 16th-Feb. 5th). I'll probably choose another one or two places. :smile:

(I see that Aurora and Feenie's have some of my favourite dishes as part of their Dine Out menu--the bison carpaccio and the mission trout, respectively. :wub: )

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Just a couple words about this thread and Dine out Vancouver in this forum.

Please don't use this forum to plan Dine Out dinners. Using the PM system is fine, as is using the ISO thread pinned at the top of the forum. Remember with the ISO thread that you can only post a week in advance ... so most members have used it to fill "holes" in their reserved party.

This is also not the place to discuss the pros/cons of Dine Out, OpenTable, Hot Water with Lemon, CC Deposits for Reservations, etc etc etc.

Feel free to use this thread to let others know who's sold out, or ask about a certain dish being offered on the DOV menu.

When reporting about your dining experiences during Dine Out Vancouver, please start a new thread, and name it as follows: The Topic Title should be the name of the restaurant, and the Topic Description should be "DOV 2006 Experience".

Let the insanity begin ...



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Ha! That's too bad, Neil. As I posted on my site today, I walked in to work this morning to find the phone ringing, ringing, ringing. The place was closed for lunch, so there'll be a full inbox for the hostesses to wade through when they walk in to set for dinner.

Let the games begin...

Peppyre, are you making the reso for 40 again at West? :laugh: Such a good time (and weird to think that was just a year ago!).

Andrew Morrison

Food Columnist | The Westender

Editor & Publisher | Scout Magazine

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