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MaltecoRon from Guatemala?


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Anyone knows MaltecoRon from Guatemala?

I live in Italy and here, at least in the north, is a well known brand.

MaltecoRon 10y 15y 20y , are produced, as the label says, in Guatemala by "Industria Licorera Que zalteca"( Without "T" and without a precise location) , by virgin honey and aged 7600ft, all features in common with the most famuos Zacapa Centenario, which is really produced by Industria Licorera QueTzalteca.

Moreover, in all the world's most famous Rum portal and Rum website I know, there is no mention about this brand.

Is possible that this brand is only a commercial creation for Italian market?

In this case I'm worried that several bars and bartenders have been heavily joked

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From everything I've been able to find out about Malteco, it's a private label which is only sold in a few places in Europe.

There are some very good private labels out there, but I prefer those rums that the distiller puts his name on the label. I find distillers are less apt to make unrealistic claims and tend not to engage in the practice of trying to sell the rum as something other than what it is.

Edward Hamilton

Ministry of Rum.com

The Complete Guide to Rum

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