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Help me with this appetizer?


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Happy Holiday Preparation Frenzy!

Gotta bring some ready-made apps to a couple holiday parties this year.

One idea I'm working on is a little crispy potato sandwich thing.

So far I'm thinking I'll slice the potatoes about 1/4 centimeter thick and roast them in a bunch of fat (maybe pork or duck) till crisp and let cool.

For the inside I'm thinking maybe lump crab (or smoked salmon) cream cheese, and chive mixed together and chilled.

Or does anyone have a recipe for a "quick" pate that might go nicely with a little jam or mustard inside?

Trying to find a filling firm enough that it won't gush out from the potato on the first bite), and one that's foody-friendly but not a 46 hour process.

Thanks, R

Drink maker, heart taker!

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No need to make a pate... you could just put a dab of cream cheese and a little slice of smoked salmon, garnish with a little sprig of dill and/or a micro-slice of lemon...

I might deep-fry the spuds rather than roast; crisper, faster.

Could also get cute: punch a hole in the centre of the spud slices so they look bagel-ish; that way you can do them as sandwiches but still see the salmon through the top.

Hong Kong Dave

O que nao mata engorda.

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