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parc avenue is alive again!


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Parc alive again? Would be interesting to know what people have discovered.

Here's my short inventory .... which have all been talked about here before.... but just for looking at the in the parc alive context.....

Coca Locale - Parc (east side) & Villeneuve

Open Weekends but not Monday - Tuesday.

Small cakes, cookies made right there by The Cutest Baker(ess) in the universe!!!

Guys, pay a visit and enjoy. Get a Lemon/Olive oil cake or even better Chocolat/Orange.

They are whimsical, but oh, so tasty. Bring one or two for your lady and you'll score mighty bling bling in the LUV cash account. Immediate payback FOR SURE.

Le Margeaux - Parc (west side) & two doors south of Laurier

Step into a Bistro in a small French town. It's all there... Mr. in the Kitchen, Madam on quick feet up front. French "the real thing" bistro.

How do they do it? "C'est normal !".

This one is a keeper, although the location for some reason is hard to spot. They are professional, limit there opening hours for french efficiency. They'll stay as long as they want. It's a delight!

Masai - Parc (east side)mid block between St Viateur & Bernhard

Masai is a handsome spacious room, with a great looking bar.

Who wants to rain on anyone opening a resto or bar? I admire anyone that tries, intrinsically. BUT..

A lot of enthusiasm in the staff has to be hammered on to shape it into a smoothly operating machine. They really have to get a hard ass in there to whip them into a tight shape. And a smokin' hot bartender for that bar. They are making adjustments, so that's a good sign. It's bootstrap time ... damn the torpedos. Definetly go and support them.

Cafe della Posta - Bernhard actually, but juust west of Parc qualifies I think.

Tile floors, marble tables, small marble bar and a tiny 4x8 kitchen in a corner. A "Clean Well-Lighted Place" run by the Bu team. At night candles and lighting makes what could have been a cold room warm and inviting for meeting/cozying up. Only two wines by glass, but almost all wine list is available as 1/2 bottles. Decent coffe machine it seems. Perfect for a start or end of an evening is how I look at it. And you can get a plate of pasta if you linger. In day time might be nice to drop into Cheskies next door for a pastry and enjoy it over a coffee at 'della Posta. That's he kind of foraging synergy that makes a neighbourhood.

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Nostalgia alert:

I lived two blocks from Parc in the McGill "student ghetto" of the seventies. Trust me, there was nowhere to eat on Parc in my day, but there was a decent, dusty old style quincaillerie where I bought cheap pots and pans. I'm thrilled that Parc (um, Park back in the day) is dusting itself off and getting to be a dining destination.

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I understand that there is a controversial movement to change the name of Avenue de Parc to that of Robert Bourassa. I hear that most of the opposition to the proposed change is coming from the merchants in the area, specifically the owners of the dining establishments on the avenue. Why all the controversy?

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This will surelly be tagged as off-topic and deleted by the moderators.:

this is IMHO :

Park avenue du Parc is one of the main street that accesses downdown, right on the side of the mountain, and is bound by two major parks, Parc Jean-Mance on the east side and Parc de la Montagne on the west side, just at the entrance of the "downtown" code.

The controversy is that for most people, Avenue Du Parc is one of the few street name that is non-political, non-religious and can said in both english and french without butchering the prononciation too much.

The central city wants to rename it to a dead political figure, and that street will cross another major street that is also named after another major dad political figure. those two politicians were of different parties, and their views on the future of the province were on opposite ( and sometimes parallel ) stances, and the symbolism of have two streets crossing each other would symbolize "something" in the quebec Folklore.

Lots of people were to believe that Boul. St-Joseph was to be renamed.

There are a LOT more commerces on Parc and on St-Joseph.

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You wouldn't go there for a meal, it's more like snacks to accompany your drinks. You get olives, some charcuterie or cheese plates and a very good pissaladière (onion tart with olives/anchovies on top).

Owner and staff are very friendly (still french though!) ;)

Place is nice... it used to be some dive bar and they really turned it around..

I recommend it.

Back to Topic :

anyone went to the french café "le Marseillais", on Parc, just a bit north of Mont-Royal ? do they serve food or is it only a bar ?

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