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Recipe for a tea based punch?


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Hi All-Does anyone have any tea-based punch recipes they would like to share?

I'm looking for a savory beverage to serve the children and elders who do not want anything alcoholic with the turkey. That said, I remember a "Red Zinger Tea" punch that was served at a friends wedding. I remember thinking that this would be able to stand up to a, "Real meal" as an alternative to alcohol or water.

Thanks for any help, or any books you can refer me to.

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I have used

this one


this one.

I have also made a hot tea punch using brewed tea mixed with spiced apple cider (you can even use the mix.)

I have found that if the tea is brewed double strength, then chilled before mixing with the cider or cider mix, it holds its flavor without becoming bitter.

I also like several of the Republic of Tea's flavored teas for a punch base.

The Mango Ceylon, Blackberry Sage and others, combine well with fruit juices.

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