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I called qzina to order timoline and they said they no longer carried it, but they had something similar. I ordered it and it's called sucroline. I've never heard of it, does anyone have experience with it? is it indeed invert sugar? or is it something else. i made some ganache with it and not pleased at all the with the outcome.

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well the nuevoline is made from sucrose simalrly to what you described of the sucroline, so I am betting they are very similar.

the factors that will change are:

Temperature resistencies


Moisture attraction


texture of product outcome

carmelization degree

and preservation degree

Depending on what you want your invert sugar to do and how to do it or when to do it, that is what you are going to have to experiment with your sucroline.

I am sure if it is not exactly what you want, you will still be able to find trimoline. Even if its not from the same company.

Dean Anthony Anderson

"If all you have to eat is an egg, you had better know how to cook it properly" ~ Herve This

Pastry Chef: One If By Land Two If By Sea

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The Nevuline (found the spelling) we use lists ingredients as "refined sugar and water". Molasses seems like a strange ingredient for invert sugar.

yes, i thought molasses was a strange ingredient for invert sugar. i should have known by the price. qzina charged a little over $13 for a full gallon of this stuff.

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I read some old threads on Sucroline..Invert sugar.  I am searching for more information. Have you tried Sucroline? Do you like it?

I've tried sucroline and I don't like it that much. I don't think it's the same as invert sugar, but I could be wrong. I would use it in a pinch, but I prefer invert sugar or glucose to it.


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