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Paco 2 (Torreblancas, that is)


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The book will be presented in San Sebastian's "Lo Mejor de la Gastronomia" Congress, which occurs from 20th to 24th November, I guess it will only be available for sale after that.

Hope to buy it early December in Madrid :) It looks awesome

And it seems that Paco Torreblanca now has a shop in Madrid, at Juan Bravo St., def/ly a must go

Filipe A S

pastry student, food lover & food blogger

there's allways room for some more weight

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Paco Torreblancas 2

Does anyone have this yet?

Looks incredible. lots of cool sugar stuff, etc.

edited to add: Ugh: Would a host edit that that title for me?

I can't seem to do it.

Should be Torreblancas.

My apologies!

Ted, do you have the 1st one, and if so, how would you rate it against Bau, Herme, or any of the other top pastry chefs books?



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Unfortunately I do NOT have the first one but most I know who do are very impressed and sort of compare the layout to the Bau book.

This book looks a bit more like Pacos "trucs" and secrets to me.


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I have the first book and it is very similar in scope and presentation to the Bau book. However, when it comes to actual content and recipes, I would go for Bau, Herme or Balaguer first. Especially since Torreblanca is much more money and the translations are sometimes obscure and confusing. That said, chances are I'll probably end up buying the second one anyway.

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