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First trip to Paris in ages


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Am beyond excited to be in Paris for 2.5 weeks with my husband - for pleasure not business as well!

We've got reservations at:



Alain Ducasse

Market tour with David Leibowitz

and a tour of the Rungis market with one of Paule Caillat's guides.

and an early morning hot chocolate at Angelina's

The rest of the meals we were going to to just wing it (via my pages and pages of notes gleaned).

What have we missed? What are the must-try places?

I have fond memories of Wepler (first time I had the rose of the scallop) -- anyone been recently?

Also, we will be at the Palais Garnier for NYE -- what would you suggest we do for food that evening?


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Maybe you like to try L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, i have only tryed his new place in London was good and also expensive.

Atelier de Joël Robuchon

5, rue de Montalembert

Paris, France

01 42 22 56 56


I have not been here yet, but i will for sure.

Les Ambassadeurs

(Chef is Jean-François Piège that where at Alaine Ducasse before i remeber correct)

10, pl de la Concorde

Paris, France

01 44 71 16 16

and then there is L'Astrance, havent herd that much about it yet.


4, rue Beethoven

Paris, France

01 40 50 84 40

But check them out if you get the time...

Sweet that David Leibowitz do paris tours, maybe i shut do Copenhagen and Amsterdam tours..

Anyway enjoy Paris, i miss the lovely town maybe i'll come and join you..

Best regards,


Food blog - www.floss.dk

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It sounds like you have a pretty great list so far, however I would add in a bistro as well. Places I would highly recommend are: L'Ami Jean, Chez Michel, La Regalade, and Le Troquet amongst others.


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L'Astrance is a must.

Repaire Du Cartouche for fabulous wines and game.

Chez Michel was great in the Spring this year, but I've heard service is getting even ruder.

I think of Robuchon as a chain outfit now. A very overpriced chain outfit. :angry:

Catch a train to Nice and have a couple of days on the Cote - go to Louis XV for the set lunch.

Lucky lucky you. :smile:

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Try Le Comptior, Yves Candeborde’s bistro, for lunch. (You don't need a reservation at lunch time.) Based on our experience last month, when we had a delicious meal - the first one in Paris for a couple of years and a perfect reintroduction - be there early (about 12 noon) or try later (after 1:30) to have the best chance of securing a table. The address is carrefour de l’Odéon, next door to his hotel (Hotel Relais Saint-Germain).

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