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spend too much on food...

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I'm with you on the planning part. Although I dont go to the depth that you don on a weekly basis, I too usually have a clear sense of what I will use and what it takes to use it again.

I ermember reading that you can have success with leftovers when you repackage them in a completely different format than they were originallyl served. For example, turning leftover beef stew from one night into a ragu over pasta with a salad a few nights later. Its worked for me.

p.s. of all the signature tag lines I've read on this site, yours is the closest to my own feeling. Cooking is indeed an expression of love.

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I agree on the planning thing! I plan in 3-4 day segments - that seems to be flexible enough to cope with last-minute changes.

Chufi's "Don't use recipe books" is a great idea. When I got busy, I realized that it took me longer to find recipes than to cook, so I decided to memorize the information I needed, and leave the recipe books for relaxation reading or major missions.

I made myself think about favorite recipes, and analyze what the flavors and techniques are actually contributing - then it was easy to substitute and adapt confidently. Memorizing proportions rather than quantities speeded up baking too.

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