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What to Cook for Thanksgiving


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Not wanting to start a new thread, but here is the list of things I will miss this thanksgiving, because I'm going to my in-laws to celebrate.

Oyster dressing

the Cranberry Salads that are my 90 year old grandmother's specialty

turkey skin (health nuts, they view eating crispy brown delicious skin up there with treason)

Real whipped cream



Anything with calories or taste.

What I can guarantee we will have....

Food without seasoning - Salt is the enemy!

A huge lasagna for no apparent reason other than they are Italianesque

Cool Whip

Slow churn, low cal, low fat ice cream

salad with dressing made from the 4.99 gallon bottle of Costco's "balsamic" vinegar

Oh, it will be an experience. Maybe I'll have to host a small friends thanksgiving the weekend before so I can have some turkey skin, etc. ;)

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Jamie Lee, the super simple menu came about because one year I got into discussions with people at work about the food and everyone was making all sorts of appetizers. I felt bad, like I was missing out. So I planned a few appetizers, and I made those and at the end of the day when I was totally exhausted, totally stuffed, and with the kitchen a total mess, I said, never again!

And ended up cutting the menu down to the essential favorites.

I am itching to try something new this year, though, don't laugh -- a sweet potato pie with marshmallow topping. I can't help it, I love sweet potatoes with marshmallow. Not something my mom served, but the first year I made it with my friends when we were in college, what a revelation! Tasty.

I like to bake nice things. And then I eat them. Then I can bake some more.

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Has anyone tried warming a spiral sliced ham in a WSM? It's not an issue of oven space, but I thought it might add an interesting touch.


I've done that. I only used a couple of chunks of hickory becase the thing already had a smoke flavor. Didn't seem to add much (cuz it was only a couple chunks) but it did free up oven space and people did like to see it taken off the smoker.

That's the thing about opposum inerds, they's just as tasty the next day.

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Here's some things I'm considering so far :

Quail confit - maybe just a couple of legs per person, maybe the whole thing

Fingerling yams with bourbon sauce -

Wild Mushroom & Leek Soup w/ proscuitto -

Stuffing - panko fried bacon cornbread w/ apple compote

Also, concerning green bean cass - I like do the green bean thing but just update it - don't cook the hell out of the beans - blanche them, fry up thinly sliced onions, make a mushroom-butter type sauce and plate that sonnabitch.

Hopefully people can recognize good food (and techniques) and will love it. Otherwise get them a microwave dinner and seat 'em in the corner.

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