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Jalapeno Jelly Won't Thicknen -- Help


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At a restaurant I worked at a couple decades ago, we served lamb chops with japaleno jelly. And I had a whole bunch of jalapenos from the garden, Biker Billy's, really big and super hot. I decide to remember the recipe and and make some. Well, it looks good and tastes good but its kinda syrup-y. Hopefully someone can help rescue this jelly. Here's what I've done.

4 cups apple juice

4 cups sugar

Diced green and red jalapeno

Diced ancho

Diced pasilla

Juice of 1 lemon

5 or 6 fresh mint leaves

1 and then 2 packets of pectin (this was old, within a week of exp date)

Brougt all to a boil, added pectin. When it didn't set, heated all again and added the second pouch.

Are there any jelly makers out there that, unlike me, actually know what their doing who can rescue my jelly?



That's the thing about opposum inerds, they's just as tasty the next day.

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Use this method.

I guarantee it will jell anything. Including wines.

You did not add enough lemon juice.

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Pectin needs the right combination of amounts of acid and sugar to work. I think andiensj is right, not enough lemon juice, by far. And get fresh pectin. I've had the same thing happen to me.

I personally would not use pectin, I usually use agar agar or gelatine. We make 4 qt batches at a time and use up to 20 sheets of gelatin per batch, and sometimes even then it needs an extra sheet or two. The nice thing about gelatin vs. pectin is that the gelatin does not have acid problems like you have ran into, and that you don't need to bring the gelatin up to as high of a temp. Agar Agar is nice, because it really doesn't care what temp you set it at, it just wants to set asap! hehe

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