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Frank Legarreta

Premium Gazpacho in the US

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Dear Chef Andres,

I am a long-time fan of your show and the way passionately enlighten us as to the treasures of Spain using both traditional and pioneering cooking techniques.

Problem: Local Markets in Spain sell Gazpacho by the carton much the way we sell Orange Juice while all we have is imported (bottled) Gazpacho that tastes horible!

Question: Why have we not embraced healthy & delicious drinkable Gazpacho?

Idea: If we used EVOO, perhaps some Vinagre de Jerez, and a combination of other quality ingredients, (Sunset Campari tomatoes work great) it might a big hit at local or gourmet grocery stores. There could even be various kinds of Gazpacho for variety. I'm curious what your thoughts on this subject are?

On a side note: Didn't Tropicana buy Alvalle, S.L.?

Muchas gracias y saludos, Frank

PS. Loved your rendition of Limon Serrano!

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