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Banana Milk?

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I received this message from a friend:

My son was stationed in Korea for two years and is being xferred back to the states and is currently home on leave. I asked him what he would like me to have in the house for him while he was home and he requested Banana Milk.

I told him that I never heard of it. I've heard of Banana Shakes but not just plain Banana Milk. He said that it's a common drink in Korea and he's hooked on it.

Does anyone have a recipe that might be reasonably authentic, but with ingredients readily available in the US?



Liberty, MO

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Banana Mil!

How I miss it!

I loved the packaging! And the commercials!

The flavour was strictly chemical based, however. It reminded me of the amoxycilin they give children. Maybe just milk with sugar and some banana flavouring?

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It might be difficult to reproduce in the US because I've noticed that Korean milk tastes different from regular American milk. It's sort of thicker and creamier and sort of coats your mouth, even the 2%.

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I'm checking with my local reference (she's giving me that look again) and she figures it's most likely reconstituted powdered milk with some artificial flavourings. That'd give it a different texture from what you'd get with real milk (even 2%) and natural flavourings.

She says it's not just a Korean thing, but Asian in general. I've seen similar things in Thailand, I must admit.

Don't forget to toss in some yellow dye.

(She really does miss the flavour)

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Nesquik has/had a banana flavor in powder and premixed packaging in the US. Not sure if it is the same thing.

Just mentioning the medication (I had it in Donnagel) capped it for me. I had to take too much of that stuff as a kid, now all artificial banana flavoring leaves me green around the gills.

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I love that stuff!!!! It definitely tastes artificial though and not made from fresh bananas. I guess if you were to make it, the closest thing would be to throw some milk and bananas into a blender and add sugar to taste. Although it would be a lot thicker in consistency compared to banana milk.

I have seen it sold at Korean grocery stores but the packaging is different then in Korea. Here it comes in good ol' juice boxes complete with a straw. In Korea they come in plastic containers that are more oddly shaped.

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Out of curiousity I whipped this up:

Milk, regular fat, 2%, purchased in a grocery store in Kuala Lumpur. Tasted like pretty much regular milk to me, although a little thin compared to Australian milk of the Victorian variety, ie. purchased in Melbourne.

Bananas, two... small, pisang emas variety, like small golden fingers, very flavoursome.

And here's what I think made it all work... Sweetened condensed milk... like, a three generous teaspoonfuls...

Whacked the whole lot in a processor, and pulsed and then slow whipped.

Coaty, creamy, and pretty close, but best of all, not artificial.

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