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Harvest Moon

Ben Hong

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Even though it is past 1 am, I am wishing that everyone can see what I am seeing shining through my southeast window right now, a glorious full silvery moon. So bright I can see the colours of the changing maples in the yard. The air is hushed and chilly, a couple of degrees above the freezing mark when I came in from a walk in the woods with my dogs. The silvery sheen over the woods and meadows makes everything absolutely Walt Disney-like magical. Even the silent owl that swooped over us looked like some soaring ghost. It is good to be alive.

Oh, and I received a dozen mooncakes from my darling daughter. She killed two birds with one stone as they also represent her birthday gift to me :laugh: .

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Gung Hai Sang Yut Fie Lok! Ben Sook!

You waxed so poetically in your post that I had to run out and check out the moon here in Brandon. It is indeed gorgeous, especially with a piece of green tea mooncake in our hands. It was announced that the harvest moon is bigger because its orbit brought it closer to earth.

Our two younger kids are home for the weekend from Winnipeg, and we had pieces of wutao goh with tea, followed by mooncake.

My s-i-l had a bak sui gai, siu yuk, wutao goh, mooncakes for bai sun earlier today. It was nothing like what she used to prepare under my mom's watchful eyes, but it's harder and harder to keep up with all these traditions as one gets older.



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Happy Birthday, Ben Sook! May you have many more to come!

I had very traditional moon festival foods:

Buffalo Wings

Matzo Ball soup

Belgian Waffle w/ sausage

Hey, I was driving back from upstate NY w/ a girlfriend and go hungry somewhere near Woodbury Commons. It was good diner food, though. hee hee.

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Ben-sook, I saved your birthdate in my memory bank...but excessive indulgence in mooncakes had blurred the date somewhat. Thanks for the gentle reminder. "Sang Yut Fi Lok!"

We couldn't see the moon as our country was covered in choking haze from indiscriminate annual burnings from a neighbouring country. I'm beyond mad. However, a thoughtful friend sent a photograph of a beautiful moon outside his home halfway across the world. We did hang some lanterns...mostly Japanese type as we love the colours, and each child had a traditional lantern made from cellophane paper too.

Both sides of our family didn't have a celebration feast. First time it has happened. Everyone has been so busy and preparing elaborate dishes were the last things on our minds. My mother said we eat well every day so there's really no reason to have a 'feast'. Those days, meat and, generally, food, were expensive so festivities was a time to splurge on some chicken or duck or other roast meat. It was special. Sigh. Sad, isn't it? I must make an effort to make the next festival special...I'd hate to see tradition dying off out of apathy.

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Food Pix (plus others)

Please take pictures of all the food you get to try (and if you can, the food at the next tables)............................Dejah

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Happy Birthday Ben Sook!!!

We went to a birthday party last night. We brought Costco roast chicken; other guests brought fried wonton, ahi limu poke (cubes of seasoned raw tuna with ogo seaweed), tofu and beansprout salad, dinner rolls, brie, hummus, and wine. Instead of the traditional birthday cake, there were pumpkin praline cheesecake, pumpkin mousse cake, and homemade brownies.

We thought of bringing mooncakes (they actually had gift boxed assortments on sale at Costco, from mainland China), but decided against it since we didn't know how receptive the other guests would be.

On the drive over, we howled at the moon.

[Edited to add a few items I forgot.]

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Happy Birthday, Ben!

When I was reading your description of the beautiful harvest moon, I happened to have a live picture of the moon, superimposed on my computer screen, from Pete's Pond ---- a watering hole in Africa that has a live cam. The cam operator usually is focusing on the animals that visit each night, but for the last few minutes, the camera is on the moon and it is glorious! --- A rich golden color and you can see the Western 'man in the moon' or the Chinese 'rabbit'!


As for me -- I've been nibbling on assorted mooncakes - store bought - but delicious!

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