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Dinner in Englewood/Ridgewood

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My wife and I are having dinner this evening with friends of ours from Englewood. Having just left Manhattan to move to my wife's house in Teaneck (sob) I am out of sorts restaurant wise. I have enjoyed Sakura Bana and Wild Ginger, but one of our friends is a non-sushi eater, any suggestions? One of them reccomended 90 Grand in Englewood or Zeroli in Ridgewood. I have no idea about either, any thoughts?


Missing Manhattan

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90 Grand is a bit risky, not much info about it since it just reopened about 10 days ago from a mysterious 2 month hiatus.

While not fancy, Saigon R in Englewood continues to be its steady self, having consistently wonderful Pan-Asian/Vietnamese (No sushi) wth congenial service. Ambience is not gorgeous, but not awful either. Only 12 tables, reserve ahead if you go.

About 10 minutes north of Englewood is one of my faves, Harvest Bistro in Closter. Beautiful environment, and really interesting creative food. Was in one of the designer magazines for the decor. Worth the extra few minutes to get there, IMHO.


Edited to add: Zarole just went belly up 3 weeks ago...

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Edited to add:  Zarole just went belly up 3 weeks ago...

zarole, i thought i heard, is moving. but yes, it's not there at this point.

you might consider Dim Sum Dynasty in ridgewood. stick to the seafood and dim sum (and vegetables). some thoughts and pics here.

or why don't you shoot down to China 46 in Ridgefield, which rivals any Shanghai restaurant in manhattan.

there are extensive threads on both places for your reference.

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