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DC Crü CA Pinot Noir (Mostly) Night


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The DC Crü (our local wine geek group) got together at the Circle Bistro in Washington DC for dinner and a plethora of California Pinot Noirs. (of course we started with a sparkler and had appropriate stickies for the Foie Gras course). The lineup was as follows:

We started the evening with a 1988 Salon - Slightly yeasty nose with almost still, very faint, very tiny bubbles. Absolutely delish. Oh how wonderfully an aged Champagne begins a meal.

2000 Martinelli Herford Corner PN - starting to muddy in color, it was a little citric/acidic on the back of the throat but still lots of fruit.

2000 Tandum Pisoni - Big wine, huge floral nose. Lots of fruit, very smooth and a long finish. Tied for my WOTN, if only by a nose.

2003 Patz and Hall Pisoni - Chewy, not as as big as the Tandum bu a very nice nose, and lots of fruit.

Served with Pan Roasted Piopinno Mushromms, Fresh Corn Polenta, Mushroom Jus

The second group was:

1997 Chateau de Malle Sauterne - Apples and honey with touches of vanilla. Nice acidity that kept it from being too sweet. Yum.

2004 Henry of Pelham Riesling Special Select Late Harvest - Very sweet, especially compared to the de Malle. Went well with the foie gras.

Served with Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Fuji Apples, Frisse, Aged Balsamico.

The next grouping:

2003 Alcina Sangiacomo Pinot Noir - A nose of beef and little barnyard. Nice fruit, cherry and blackberry, toasty oak, spices. Lots of alcohol in this one at 14.3%

2004 Rivers-Marie Summa Vineyard Pinot Noir - Elegant, medium bodied, nose of cranberrys and rasberrys. Lots of fruit and very smooth. Gave the Tandum a run for WOTN.

Served with Wild Alaskan Halibut, Raviloi Vitello, Wilted Spinich, Pinot Noir Reduction


2003 Siduri Pinot Noir Cargasacchi Vineyard - More extracted that the wines so far, cherrys and plums with a little loam and vanilla. then touches of cola. Went very well with the duck, definitely a great food wine.

2004 Sea Smoke Ten - little acidic, way too young to open, this needs to spend at least 2 more years in the cellar and probably 5. Blueberrys and cherry, complex but just not showing well yet. I would hope that this would show better in a couple of years.

2004 Kosta-Browne RRV - The other WOTN. Blackberrys, cherrys, and raspberrys with a wonderful earthy loam. Smooth and ripe, firm tannins, what a great wine.

Served with Breast Of Muscovy Duck, Glazed Turnips, Poached Local Peaches, Duck Jus

The final grouping:

2003 Kosta Browne Santa Lucia Pinot Noir - Lots and lots of fruit, spices, and just the right touch of oak. Very smooth.

2003 Peay Pinot Noir Sonoma - Concentrated black cherrys and berrys, a touch of minerals, and a long, long finish.

Served with 3 Year Old Gouda, Mustard Vinaigrette, Crispy Shallots

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