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[Austin] MT Supermarket

Kent Wang

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Just went there today. It rivals the size of the Asian supermarkets in Houston, Welcome Center and Hong Kong Supermarket. It may in fact be a little bigger. It's certainly cleaner -- as it's brand new -- and has yet to accumulate that unpleasant Asian supermarket odor.

Some interesting things that they carry:

Live crab, tilapia, catfish swimming in tanks.

Lychees. $2.99/lb vs $3.99 at Central Market.

Jackfruit, durian, dragonfruit (several dollars cheaper than HEB).

Large selection of soy and wheat gluten vegetarian imitation meats. I'm not vegetarian but these are tasty -- you'll never go back to tofurkey again -- and extremely healthy, low fat, low carbs, high protein.

Beef tongue.

Pork liver, kidney and spleen.

Duck gizzard, duck feet, even deboned duck feet.

Whole eel chunks.

A large selection of dishware.

Ice cream in flavors such as green tea, red bean, green bean and jackfruit.

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I love that place! I went with a friend last week, and got some frozen jiaozi for a quick dinner. They were excellent and the best I have found in Texas, outside of other people's homes of course. Also took advantage of the great deal on frech lychees, and took some camping with me. I converted a friend who had never tried them before. We got sick from too many! They were great.

-Sounds awfully rich!

-It is! That's why I serve it with ice cream to cut the sweetness!

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kent, did you notice if any of the restaurants in the center were open yet? i went back repeatedly for a while with no changes, except for that sweet cafe shop. i haven't been there in a few weeks now. i'm anxious for that noodle house to open. i hope a full on chinese bakery will find its way in that center.

the grocery market itself i think is rather disorganized. i'm not sure i'd go there to do any of my regular shopping as i don't really buy any products or ingredients that aren't already available at the smaller MT market right by my house.

their seafood counter looks great and is always bustling on the weekend but i saw several diseased tilapia (looked like fin rot) in the live tanks once on a weekday, which was disappointing. i hope they clean up their tanks.

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