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I'd like to take a moment to thank Dan and Mike on behalf of the members, and especially on behalf of those who have privately told me of their appreciation for their enthusiasm and for the candid responses they posted here. The members also deserve credit for the questions posed and for making eGullet a site that's attracting major voices in the food and dining industry.

Mike and Dan were both eager to participate here. Although few of you may have realized, the Blue Hill kitchen, restaurant and business were making the heaviest demands on Dan's time in years just as this eGullet Q&A got under way. Yet, Dan was telling me to extend the deadline for questions from members in spite of their work load.

Robert Buxbaum


Recent WorldTable posts include: comments about reporting on Michelin stars in The NY Times, the NJ proposal to ban foie gras, Michael Ruhlman's comments in blogs about the NJ proposal and Bill Buford's New Yorker article on the Food Network.

My mailbox is full. You may contact me via worldtable.com.

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