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Our very own BryanZ in the SF Chron!


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Thanks for the notice, dvs!

Here's a bit of the article:

For Bryan Zupon of the soon-to-open eatery Z Kitchen ... hypermodern cuisine ... challenges you to contemplate the very processes of cooking and eating -- food that highlights the material and structural aspects of ingredients, treating them as elemental building blocks with physical and chemical properties. Zupon's not alone -- the culinary concepts that have been dubbed molecular gastronomy are arguably among the most important influences on young chefs today.

What makes Zupon unique among his fellows is that he's just 20 years old and a junior in college ... and Z Kitchen -- which he hastens to add is "not a restaurant or catering service" but rather a "place where he cooks for guests in exchange for cash donations" -- will be located in his dorm room on the Duke University campus.

"Technically, what I'm doing is illegal," he admits. "I probably should be looking into the implications more, but I'm choosing to ignore that issue for the moment."

Members can send congratulatory PMs and emails directly to BryanZ. We'd be happy to host a discussion of the content of the article itself in General Food Topics.

(For information on how to list a topic in Member News, see Welcome to the Member News forum!)

Chris Amirault

eG Ethics Signatory

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