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I'm finding that the Bonded is rougher than it used to be. 


”In Demerara some of the rum producers have a unique custom of placing chunks of raw meat in the casks to assist in aging, to absorb certain impurities, and to add a certain distinctive character.” -Peter Valaer, "Foreign and Domestic Rum," 1937

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Sorry to be the source of your disappointment! And to fess up, that's no longer how we make them. It's more like:


2 oz Laird's Bonded

0.25 (1T) oz lemon juice

0.25 (1T) grenadine


We will try an Autumn in Jersey -- once we've replenished the orgeat. Thanks for the tip.


One tablespoon is 1/2 ounce.  Did you mean teaspoon?

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