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Our Own JJ Goode


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Read the article One Armed Mirepoix at Leite's.

What a great article. I found it really fascinating and of course felt a sense of pride knowing he was "one of us". To think, I knew him when....

Conratulations and I hope you keep writing. It's clearly a natural gift!

Visit beautiful Rancho Gordo!

Twitter @RanchoGordo

"How do you say 'Yum-o' in Swedish? Or is it Swiss? What do they speak in Switzerland?"- Rachel Ray

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Thanks for the heads-up, Rancho!

Members can send congratulatory PMs and emails directly to JJ. We'd be happy to host a discussion of the article itself in General Food Topics.

(For information on how to list a topic in Member News, see Welcome to the Member News forum!)

Dave Scantland
Executive director
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Eat more chicken skin.

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