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Dinner from the garden/farmer's market


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Talk to any chef and they will almost always tell you that it's all about the quality of ingredients.

Being that it is summer, I felt it might be an appropriate time to start a thread dedicated to raw ingredients we get from our local markets, or from lovingly tended gardens.

This thread is meant as a precursor to the 'Dinner!' thread, to show what we will be cooking with, and even where we got it from. Then later on, feel free to link either back, or to a post (if you desire) in the dinner thread...thought it may be fun, I'll start off...

Pictured is a part of our garden up at "The Farm" - a cottage of sorts 45 minutes outside of Toronto. The majority of our produce is grown from here, along with our smaller garden at home.


Love using these baby spanish onions in salads and when roasting veggies - They are so sweet, and have almost no trace of that harsh 'oniony' flavour.


Found this new variety of basil (new to me that is) earlier this year, its called "Greek Basil" and has almost the same flavour as its Italian cousin, and as you can see, yields a heck of a lot more per plant! Will be making some Greek Pesto soon, this is also great in summer salads, and pastas.


My favourite heirloom tomatoes are almost ready...these wild shaped pink ones are full of flavour, very sweet, eaten with just some fleur de sel and a bit of pepper and evoo.


Lastly - What I will be using for dinner in the next few days.

Will be making some salsa with the purple tomatillos and the spring onions, and a pasta with the tomatoes and garlic tops.


Thats it for now - Will report back as the summer goes along - Lets see what you all have found at your local markets, or in your garden!



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Over 60 views and no replies? Sheesh!!

Maybe I put this in the wrong forum?  Maybe the general food topics forum?  If so, mods, please re-locate as you see fit.

First of all sadistick I think this is a fantastic idea for a thread. Perhaps folks are just temporarily awestruck by your "pantry." I have a couple of questions. Are you a restaurant owner or seller of produce? Is "The Farm" a coop that you belong to or owned privately by you? The property looks lovely btw.

Patience. Maybe a different forum is the answer. Or maybe you need a more provocative title :hmmm: for your thread to reel 'em in such as "Pre-Dinner In The Raw" subtitle "Where Did You Forage for Tonight's Meal?"

Just a thought. :smile:

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Inside me there is a thin woman screaming to get out, but I can usually keep the Bitch quiet: with CHOCOLATE!!!

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Diva - Thanks! Not a restaurant owner, just a family who loves to cook good food. The Farm as we have dubbed it, is owned by my family, and has been for the past 30, about 15 acres with 2 ponds, a 100+ year old log farm house, and a guest house with forest and 2 dogs and 2 horses.

We actually are thinking of starting to sell some of the heirloom tomatoes to local markets, as we went a bit crazy this year and planted...oh...about 120 plants :huh:

I agree that the title was probably the wrong one to chose, and hastily done. Urg...too bad you cant edit those! Maybe some nice admin could change it for me...oh well, I just thought I would try to contribute something to the board...c'est la vie.

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That is one tastey looking tomato, Susan. I love all the shapes and sizes and wierd deformaties they can take on...I will try to post some interesting shapes soon.

What I really enjoy is making sauce from all the saved trimmings from cutting these guys up.

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Justin, deformities aside, this one one tomato worthy of the sterling.


As I reported over here, some of it made quite a nice dessert.

We were at the farmer's market today (where I got the corn shown in my dinner! post) and it is an unvelieable bounty. There are melons. Peppers. Beans. Garlic. And more. This is indeed a most wonderous season.

Susan Fahning aka "snowangel"
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Last weekend my mother and I went to one of our favorite places- Sauvies Island Pumpkin Patch Market. It was an early Friday afternoon and the crowds were minimal. As you can see the weather was an incredibly kind mistress.


Fun with colored chalk...


Alas for us, no chicken-dinner... :raz:


Winter squash is in my "top ten" favorite foods, never met one I didn't like.


I didn't buy any peppers but they sure look neat, huh? These are new to the market.


Honey bears waiting for a hot cup of tea.


On our way home the weather mistress got a bit frisky...gallery_17172_3808_16713.jpg

My bounty. Yikes- what a dark picture! Ah well. We have cauliflower, two ears of corn, a couple yellow onions, a couple stalks of brussel sprouts, a five pound bag of frozen blueberries, one asian pear, ten pound bag of yukon gold potay-toes, golden kuri squash, hazelnuts and chestnuts.


I have visions of baked squash stuffed with meat, rice and nuts. Many soups. Roasted cauliflower and sprouts (I adore brussels!). I intend to eat the pear today after tidying up our garden. The blueberries? I don't care much for muffins and I make enough blueberry cheesecake. Any ideas? Is five pounds enough to make wine? Perhaps a cordial? Of course, I'll post pictures of whatever I end up making. :smile:

Shelley: Would you like some pie?


Twin Peaks

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Tonight I made bacon/cheddar and green onion cornbread in my cast iron skillet using the kernals from both ears of corn. A good way to use end-of-the-season corn. I then roasted some brussel sprouts and cauliflower with lots of unpeeled garlic cloves, bay leaves, thyme, red pepper flakes and a dash of apple cider vinegar. Next time I'll do half cider vinegar and half apple cider. I'd like a bit of sweetness. Served with a bowl of spicy pork and red bean chili (recipe included coffee) topped with sharp cheddar and red onions. What a tasty supper!


Shelley: Would you like some pie?


Twin Peaks

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