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NYers looking for great London meals

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I know we're spoiled living in NYC - we have a ton of really great restaurants in all sorts of price ranges and styles. 4 of us are planning a short trip to London (never been and are looking forward!) and are looking for memorable/delish meals that we truly can't get back in the states.

On the list for dinner so far: St. John's, The Gun (for a gastro-pub), and maybe Tamarind (while we have a ton of Indian places, we certainly want to try some across the pond!); for lunch, definitely can't-get-at-home-ethnic and some yummy fish n' chips joint (want the good stuff, not the junk we have). Anyway, have 3 dinners and 4 lunchs to plan - please tell me where we really shouldn't miss. Nothing is off limits, but no car at our disposal. Thanks, gang! :)

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Sounds like a good list but you may find Tamarind's a bit similar to the kind of upmarket Indian you now get in Midtown Manhattan (caveat - I've only been once and that was years ago - others will have more up to date views). You should try (instead or as well as) some of the lower scale places mentioned on the boards e.g. New Tayyab in the East End or Kastoori/Shree Krishna/Milan etc. in Tooting.

A good touristy location would be the National Portrait Gallery restaurant for a great view of Nelson's restored bum (assuming the scaffolding's now down?). Food is fine (overpriced) but location great. Only open some evenings though - check website.

It goes without saying that you shouldn't bother with sushi or pizza.

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Definite thumbs up for St. John's. My wife and I went with our friends from London and had a blast (we went to the Smithfield location).

"If the divine creator has taken pains to give us delicious and exquisite things to eat, the least we can do is prepare them well and serve them with ceremony."

~ Fernand Point

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indian try

munal, corner upper richmond road/dover house road, putney.

sri crishna, tooting

a place in the east end with a picture of lady diana in it!

malabar, uxbridge street off camden hill road, notting hill

khans at westborne grove

italian try

river cafe, hammersmith

timo, high street kensington

assagi, chepstow place, notting hill

pubs that serve good food (rather than gastro pubs....steer clear) try

atlas, fulham

eagle, farringdon

anchor & hope, waterloo


blue elephant, fulham broadway (for the experience)

Zuma or Umu, can't remember which in Mayfair ish, probably why I can't remember

fish & chips

The Anchor, Lille Road



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I lived near NYC most of my long life. None of the Indian food there can compare to what we have in England - that's just my opinion. For something theatrical and a bit different, I've enjoyed The Cinnamon Club and others favor Amaya or Bombay Brasserie (they do a good buffet lunch).

Very good fish and chips at The Golden Hind... if you're at the Tate Modern which you should see, the dining room there for lunch is very nice. Another very traditional pub lunch.. The Grenadier on Wilton Row near Harrod's.

Explore the food halls at Harrod's and Harvey Nichols - you'll find some fun things to take back home.

Could you bring me something from Zabar's? :-)

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For a short trip out of town try getting a train out of Paddington to Maidenhead and have lunch at the Hind's Head in Bray. Great beers and a good selection of traditional food-try the oxtail and kidney pudding and the elderflower blancmange or the eton mess. great way to spend a summer lunch followed by watching the cricket at the club next door.

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for lunch, definitely can't-get-at-home-ethnic

In that case, how about eating your way round the axis of evil? Hafez in Bayswater (Iranian), Baghdad in Westbourne Grove (Iraqi), Arirang in Soho (Korean), Cubana in Waterloo (Cuban), Levant in the West End (Lybian - sort of), and Abu Zaad in Shepherd's Bush (Syrian).

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I know we're spoiled living in NYC

You really think so? I moved to London from NY at the beginning of the year. I find the food here better in terms of quality of ingredients, more ethnic and authentic, only for sushi and steak I still miss NY.

And what about some lebanese> Like Nora Brasserie. Or some chinese (with stars) will not break your wallet and so much better than you can get in NY.

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