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Help with Shipping


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The current issue right now is that I am trying to ship a bottle of Luxardo Maraschino to a friend in Wisconsin. I live in New Jersey.

The last few times I shipped a bottle of wine or liquor to them, I had problems either at UPS - flatly refusing to ship alcohol or the Post Office who had the same issue. I lied and said the sloshing they heard was a bottle of olive oil in a plastic bottle. I really hated to lie, so I thought I would try a different route this time. I called my local wine merchant to get him to ship it, and he told me that although he could ship wine, he was not permitted to ship the hard stuff. I tried an on-line supplier in California, and they could not ship to Wisconsin.

Am I comitting a crime by shipping liquor or are there other shippers who would handle it without a problem - FedEx or DHL?

Thanks for your help.



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