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Confections! (2006-2012)

Kerry Beal

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RWood, very cute chocolates. My favorites are the pink hearts. What are the flavors?


The hearts with pink are Passion Fruit, the dark red are Mexican Coffee, the rectangle with hearts and lines are Ginger, the rounds with pink are dark chocolate with vanilla bean, and the heart leaf is Raspberry. I also did dipped caramels with pink salt, but didn't post a picture.

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RWood, the chocolates look beautiful! Those transfers look festive without being cheesy. May I ask where you source them?



Thanks! I believe I got some of the transfers from www.bakedeco.com. They have a large selection. Most of them are PCB transfers. I think they only sell them in large packs though.

Individual sheets I've found here. They told me they could sell me larger packs of them if needed.

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Here is my Valentine's line-up! I got a new air compressor so I was finally able to do some airbrushing with my chocolates this time, yeah!


Clockwise from top left: Raspberry lavender, lime, kahlua and espresso, toasted coconut, cinnamon chipotle, and maple pecan caramel.

I wish I would have read the thread on maple caramels before setting out on that adventure, mine as well as others came out more grainy than I would have liked, but the flavor is nice, so I guess I'll take it!

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I checked out Bakedeco, and they have great stuff, plus I know they ship to Canada.

Thanks, RWood!


You're welcome, glad it was of help

So, I finally had a chance to showcase my stuff at the Monterey Museum of Art last night. It was to try to get the catering company I work for on the list of caterers they use. This is a picture of my table set up. Pistachio and Chocolate Raspberry Macarons, Triple Chocolate Drop Cookies and assorted chocolates.


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I hope everyone's had a good Valentine's Day! I hesitated to post, since everyone's chocolates look so amazing, but here we go.

My Palet d'Or filled with a simple dark choc butter ganache:

palet dor.jpg

White chocolate, bay leaf and vanilla bean ganache.


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My husband's business school had a chocolate & Wine tasting event sponsored by Hershey's, which I helped organize. Apart from the actual tastings (for which we chose Scharffen Berger and Dagoba chocolates), they sent me 6 lbs of chocolates beforehand, from which I made some chocolates:

The chocolate in he mail:


PB&J chocolates before dipping:


I used Greweling's recipe for this, and the peanut butter/chocolate ratio was way too low, and I overtempered it, so the chocolate layer broke a bit from cutting

Chocolate in the event:


Caramel & 62% dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate-Whiskey truffle logs, PB&J (raspberry PDF and Peanut butter Gianduja), decorated with raspberry powder and icing sugar

Chocolates brought by Hershey's:


and the tasting map:


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