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stockholm and oslo


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any recommendations in these cities? lunch and dinner, snacks,etc. and at all price levels. thanks.

It depends when you are coming. If it is during July and early August many of the best places are closed. One that is open all summer is Lux right on the water in the old Electrolux Building. Take a cab, its real quick and easy, finding it by bus (too far to walk to) can be difficult if you have never been there before. Website: LUX

Also open all summer is Oaxen Skärgårdskrog. But this is over 1 hour outside the city (you can sleep there, house or on a boat, if you book early). It has been voted the best restaurant in Sweden 2 years in a row. Very original, lots of local produce (they have even started bottling their on water that comes for a well on the tiny Island that houses the restaurant. But personally I find the dishes too complicated and overworked. But if you like that kind of cooking this could be a unique experience for you. Look at the menu on the website which also has travel/sleeping information and decide for yourself.


Another summer option is Pontus by the Sea, which serves French Brasserie style food in a lovely setting with great views. If you are not coming during the summer season Leijontornet in the old town as well as Mistral in the old town serve rather unique food. Also need to book early for these ones especially Mistral that only has about 25 seats. No website for Mistral so have your hotel help or google it on the web for some info from travel sites.


Lower price points are the Saluhall at Östermalmstorg that has several seafood stands. Also I believe there is still the famous Sautéed Herring stand outside the subway station Slussen just over the bridge from the Old Town.

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If time permits, rent a car in Oslo and drive the coastal route to Bergen and then return across the mountains. Also, don't write off breakfast. The buffet at my hotel in Bergen had seven different treatments of herring. Could have been my best mean in Norway.

Holly Moore

"I eat, therefore I am."



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Thanks. And what do you think of the smorgasbord dinner at the Grand Hotel?

Never been there so not sure. If you really want to try a smörgåsbord I would suggest taking the bus (takes only 20 minutes) out to Ulriksdals Värdshus. There may be quite a bit of tourist but there will be outnumbered by Swedes celebrating birthdays and the like and singing lots of songs while taking shots. The quality is not what it was 15 years ago, but if you want to experience Smörgåsbord outside of Christmas (which is when EVERY restaurant basically has one) this is the place to go by a long shot.

Here is a link to the website in English. They appear to have Smörsåsbord all summer on weekends. Ulriksdals

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