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Are Cocktails Catching On Around the US?

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I can guess that New York is pretty much the capital of "cocktalian" or "bar chefs" on the East Coast. But is it cathing on in other cities? It seems in Philly there are enough people who appreciate the artisanship and less utilized ingredients, but what about elsewhere? Reading Egullet I get the impression that these trends are more widespread than actual experience would suggest. I know in Boston (mostly Cambridge, to my knowledge) there are bars that are adopting many of these drinks and ingredients: No. 9 Park, Chez Henri, B-Side Lounge, Green Street, and Rendevous among them.

so far much of the conversation about bars like Milk and Honey, Pegu, Flatiron, et all focus on the positive reaction from people already in the know, like here on Egullet. Preaching to the choir, so to speak. But how do the illiteratti respond? Has the general public, once they try these new bars, reacted faorably? Do they understand that it is a change in method, ingredients, and technique, not just a fancy list?

I'm just hoping that bars like these continue to restore some of the craft and professionalism to bartending, and aren't treated like just another fad, to be discarded with the introduction of chocolate flavored scotch or something. It is very exciting discovering on this site and those old books uses for those bottles in granny's cabinet, and sharing is so very much fun.


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I haven't been yet, but there is a new place creating a buzz in SF, Rye Bar at Geary and Leavonsworth. Rye Bar

Some other Bay Area places for innovative, classic-style cocktails are:

The Orbit Room on Market St in SF


Cesar's on Shattuck in Berkeley

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"Under the dusty almond trees, ... stalls were set up which sold banana liquor, rolls, blood puddings, chopped fried meat, meat pies, sausage, yucca breads, crullers, buns, corn breads, puff pastes, longanizas, tripes, coconut nougats, rum toddies, along with all sorts of trifles, gewgaws, trinkets, and knickknacks, and cockfights and lottery tickets."

-- Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1962 "Big Mama's Funeral"

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