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Recent notes:

With a lovely pheasant paté:

1998 Ch, Reynella Chardonnay – yes, it was a bit old for a chard but the main wine was from the same house so I figured what the heck. Butterscotch nose and some colour boded for a rather ‘developed’ wine, but mirabile dictu, upon tasting there was ample acidity – it was alive! Smooth and balanced. If you have it, it is time to drink up, but you won’t have committed wine-icide.

With duck confit:

2004 Golden Mile Cellars Black Arts Luckhurst Family Vineyards Pinot Noir – a BC pinot noir with pleasant bright warm (14%) nose and reasonable levels of both fruit and acid. Finished a bit short (I was thinking of a rule – no wines without a finish that lasts at least as long as it takes you to say the name). My host at first made a mistake and brought out the Shiraz, saying it was this wine. I got all excited for a minute trying to figure out how a BC winery had come up with a mutant super-pinot!

With broiled rack of lamb:

1996 Ch. Reynella Basket Pressed Shiraz – a waft of American oak and a whiff of jammy plums and leather. Good fruit on palate, not over done and a decent length. In the perfect drinking window right now. Very pleasant.

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