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Furthering Your Education

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I am currently enrolled in culinary school and I am also working as a line cook at a local Philadelphia restaurant. Our Chef de Cuisine there just finished blessing out myself and the other line cooks for not being creative (with specials) or aggressive enough.

So my now my questions:

What books, experiences, etc did you go through to continue your education?

What do you continue to do to push yourself?

From your (both of you) point of view, what can a line cook do to become more aggressive, both in the work and in the food?


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One of the points I try to convey to culinary students right away is the need to incorporate " a sense of urgency" into every aspect of their work. It is the very nature of our business.

I sometimes say to new members in the kitchen, " Relax. Think about the work you have to do and get yourself organized. Then, imagine me just behind you, red in the face, screaming as loudly as possible, MOVE FASTER!"

Does that help?

I think there is a thread on books of reference already on this site that someone could help us find. I would suggest as a start checking out a couple of these titles:

Simple French Foods by Richard Olney

On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee

American Cookery by James Beard

Larousse Gastronomique

They have provided a great deal of inspiratioin for me.

Thanks for your questions and good luck, Rob.


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