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SEA ingredients in Shanghai

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Lemongrass is grown in China and fairly available in various markets. The quality is not quite the same though... As for the real thing and the other ingredients you mentioned they are usually only available through wholesale suppliers. If you PM me your details I could probably help you out. The Parksons (downstairs) on the the corner of Huai Hai Lu and Shaan Xi Lu has some southeast asian fruit from time to time.


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If you are in the Jing'an temple area, there's a very extensive market down underneath attached to the subway. Impressive array of raw ingredients... and cheese... ?! (for a supermarket here at least). Prices aren't exactly geared towards the locals. I can't remember for certain if they had all of these ingredients, but I remember seeing some the last time I passed through, and these things always interest me. Besides, you normally don't find much in the way of herbs at any Chinese supermarket, besides the basics.

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For Thai ingredients, go to Pines Supermarket, they have pretty much anything you need. They cater mainly for the indian/thai and Australian customers. Just topped my supplies up myself. Their adress is No 18 Lane 986 Jian He Rd, Shanghai Phone nr 021 626 29055

They make deliveries and take phone orders as well, english speaking staff Website www.pines.com.cn

Otherwise go to Metro, they have several stores, as a foreigner you can apply for membership and shop at bulk prices. You need a business card, letter from your company and id to apply. They have a lot of herbs as well.

Hope I'm not too late

Regards Ursula

regards from Shanghai, China



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Woah.. nice.

I'm new here. So this looks great.

Well I've been here over three years now, so if you're looking for anything, let me know, maybe I can help

regards Ursula

Just in case it hasn't been said, "Welcome to eGullet and the Chinese forum, Ursula." :biggrin:



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