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The Best Pho

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I've been pretty partial to the pho at House of Noodles on Reservoir Ave in Cranston RI lately, but I had breakfast at Minh Hai Restaurant, 1096 Park Ave, in Cranston the other day, and their pho was fantastic. Specifically, the stock was really great, excellent body and flavor.

Where else in NE do people get their pho fix?

Chris Amirault

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My favorite is Pho Hoa in Boston's Chinatown. Tons of choices for meat additions and very high quality ingredients. I think it's much better than Pho Pasteur a few doors down.

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If you're in the fair city of Chelmsford, Drum Hill area, Pho 88 is a good choice. I used to go there for lunch often with my Vietnamese pho consultant and her Cambodian friend.

Great idea for a thread, btw.

L. Rap

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there is a great place called Pho 200 in Dorchester, MA. They produce some of the best broth and they also give you alot of different herbs/greens to throw in your pho. I notice that a lot of other pho places only give you basil and bean sprouts for your soup. I usually get the pho with beef, tripe, and other unidentifiable meats

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In Boston, I like the original Pho Pasteur in Chinatown, Dong Khan and there's anew place called Xing Xing that I've been trying.

Not pho, but a great Vietnamese meal..

A few weeks ago, a group of us met up in Dorchester, a 15 min t ride south of Boston. It is historically an Irish neighborhood, but has recently gotten a huge influx of Vietnamese residents...and they've opened markets and restaurants.

We went to Anh Hong on Adams St...ordered 7 courses of beef and 7 courses of fish..We had red snapper but I think they get whatever looks good. The beef is relatively common; the fish version is not..or so I'm told. My experience with Vietnamese food other than soups is fairly limited.

Meal starts with thin little clear pancakes..with several bowls of hot wayer to soften them up..few platters of lettuce, bean sprouts, cucumbers around the table...thin white noodles

Then hot plates with mini woks...

Plates of fish and beef are brought..both very high quality..round 1 boiled

then cooked in butter..

then various ground meat or fish...and served on skewers.

Any or all of these dishes can be rolled in the pancake and stuffed with noodles and veggies.

Finally a congee like soup...1 with beef..other with fish.

"Dessert" was a fried squid plate..and we had ordered a dish as an app..so it was actually 16 courses...

Definitely worth a stop..a single 7 courses of.... is good for 2 or 3.

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Pho Paradise (a great name) at 339 Broad Street in Providence has been open for about six months. Today, we had beef pho, vegetarian pho, shrimp rolls, fresh summer rolls, a coconut shake and a stawberry/banana shake for under $30. The veggie pho was great; I can't really comment on the beef. The fresh spring rolls were good as was the peanut sauce which was slightly thicker than I prefer it. The fruit shakes are good. They are made with fruit, ice, and condensed milk. I am looking forward to a return visit to try more of the vegetarian dishes which really looked good. The owner who was very nice told us that he is close to signing a lease for a spot near Brown University to be named Asian Paradise. Not nearly as good of a name, but the food will be the same. The service was very friendly and efficient.

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