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How to make a sandwich


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Tonight, we made a giant BLT sandwich and split it before going out to a comedy club:


Although the Brandywine tomato we used was somewhat underripe, it still was very, very good. And yes, thats a Jewish Challah we desecrated with bacon.

MMMMmmmm, I want that sandwich.

Not so strange to use Challah for a BLT -- my first year of college, our cooperative living hall had a very nice student of the Jewish persuasion who would always come down the kitchen on BLT day and start loading up a sandwich with bacon. "Jordan", we would say, "you can't eat that -- you're Jewish!", to which he would reply "Today, I'm not!". But we also had a couple strict vegetarians who during finals would skip the veggie lasagna and reach for the meat lasagna. Hey, I'm not going police their diet for them.

And to stay on-topic, I actually grew up on Miracle Whip, but I've switched entirely over to Hellman's Mayo -- better to dip french fries in. And I put mayo on both sides.


“A favorite dish in Kansas is creamed corn on a stick.”

-Jeff Harms, actor, comedian.

>Enjoying every bite, because I don't know any better...

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Here's another informative way to make a sandwich:


I've seen this like 10 times now and busts my gut every time. Something about the Britney Spears soundtrack just does it for me.

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