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hacienda monesterio 1995 reserva

Snowy is dead

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I love this wine. There are things I like, but I would come close to homicide for this stuff. Discovered it while working at Chez Henri in Cambridge, MA. Cost is (or was) $25 a bottle. They also have a '02 crianza and reserva for the same price, but I never tasted it. I guess the winemaker from Pingus split off and did this, but, to be honest, I know next to nothing. I was just curious if anyone knew anything about this wine before it drops off the planet...


Oh, btw, wine is around 60% tempranillo, rest is cab, merlot, and (I think) syah. Very lush and full, and easily has more time to age, as it took almost 45 minutes to fully open with no loss of fruit.

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