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Best Place to watch an Oilers' playoff hockey game


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I was missing watching the Oilers' on the big screen at the Elephant & Castle pub on Whyte Avenue while the Canucks were missing the playoffs on Thursday. I don't have a television and was wondering if there was an Oiler-friendly haunt somewhere within the lower mainland. Back in the 'chuk, Overtime, BP's on Whyte and the Metro were all great places. But here in Vancouver, the Oiler-friendly spots seem a little thin...

Any suggestions?

Quentin Kayne

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What an unsurprising and timely question! I almost forgot you were an Oilers fan (who else would be so considerate as to post the above while the puck is still cold?).

I've given your query plenty of thought, and without hesitation I'm going to suggest Chambar.

With 25 flatscreen HDTV's in the dining room alone (another 8 at the bar), several light beers on tap (Coors, Miller, Bud), a variety of locally sourced jerkies (plus Oceanwise pemmican), and plenty of parking out back - what's not to like?

Word on the street is if you bring some good old Oiler love, you get 25 cent wings on game nights and a free frosted mug (only if you wear blue, orange, and white and carry a noise-maker of the most obnoxious variety).

One more thing, sports fans. Be sure to ask for the tall, bespectacled fellow at the door singing Queen's "We are the Champions" in an august falsetto. He'll spot you a pint of Cristal on the King of Belgium if you scream out "Detroit in 4" three times fast.

:cool: Go Whitecaps.

Edited by Andrew Morrison (log)

Andrew Morrison

Food Columnist | The Westender

Editor & Publisher | Scout Magazine

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^Best place to watch the Oilers... prolly yer living room. :raz:

Seriously though... no Western Canadian team has a hope in hell of winning the cup, so what's the point.

Ferget those chicken wings and go straight on to mainlining some foie...... will make the pain, ermm, less painful.


Always take a good look at what you're about to eat. It's not so important to know what it is, but it's critical to know what it was. --Unknown

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Just to keep this thread on topic :hmmm: ...

HERE is a recent discussion of best places to watch a hockey game around Vancouver.

As far as where there are Oiler or Flame friendly places ... might I suggest Alberta? :raz:

Go Sens!


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To that list I would add The Ocan Club in West Vancouver. Very good sightlines.

I think its Ocean Club in West Vancouver!


100 Park Royal (south mall). 604-926-2326. Open 7 days a week . Bar, from 4 p.m.; dining menu, from 5 p.m. to closing (as late as 3 a.m.).

"I went to a restaurant that serves breakfast at anytime.

So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance".

Steven Wright

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The Sidetrack is open and it's lovely.

Even though it's a chain franchise, Boston Pizza on Jasper and 106 is always reliable.

Barring that - we stick to "our local" pub Clyff Clayvins on 97 ave & 105 street.

Minou ~ Kitchen Widow

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