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Dessert and Holiday Orders

Wendy DeBord

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So this Easter we're sold out, at 640 people. With no assistance I handle all the desserts and breakfast pastry items.........not to mention my standard load of daily parties and ala carte desserts for the week.

How much do you have to do and how much help do you have to get it accomplished?

Anyone want to share what your making exactly? I'd post my menu but then I wouldn't have time to make it.

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We're still trying to get the equipment in to the new bakery -- 3 months behind schedule now. So, all I have to make are 2 cakes and a babka.

How you do as much as you do, I can't figure out. You must be a machine!

Give the weary some rest and a big chocolate bunny...

Cheryl, The Sweet Side
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You may be sorry you asked. I don't have help, except a few high school kids. I strongly suspect they have all failed home economics. Starting two weeks past I've done:

2,000 corporate champagne favors

(hand labeled)

9 15" champagne bottles

125 wedding favors

450 hand decorated sm.bunnies

3 decorated 21" bunnies

12 big panoramic eggs

Countless small custom orders

The usual case goods

The next two weeks include three more weddings:

650 favors

More small orders

And desperately catching up on case goods.

I know it's wrong to complain about being busy. But, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!

I'm going to spend Easter in a coma-like state, daydreaming of roasted rabbit, drop kicking yellow fuzzy ducks, and violently shaking customers that want to know why it's all that hard to keep "their" truffle in stock.

Whew, sorry, I feel better already. Have a Happy Holiday everyone.

Guess I'll go make truffles.

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I am going through Passover hell (if not for my 2 guys and my student interns)

40 Raspberry Rolls made with matzah cake meal, half of them stuck to the paper- I had to throw them out and start over, the ingredients are damn expensive and the stuff all tastes like matzah.

36- 7 layer cakes, 24 Cocoa Chocolat, 60 Flourless Choc cakes, 25 lbs mandlebrodt, countless pounds upon pounds of macaroons (almond, toasted almond, coconut, ch0c-coconut, choc dipped, french style)

And when Passover hell is done and I have sold or given away all thats left, I will fill my cases with:


7 different kinds of truffles, choc bunnies, 30 strawberry short cakes, 30 Fruit tarts, 60 chocolate indulgence cakes, 24 lemon zinger cakes, 24 princess cakes and countless dozens of individual desserts-will probably sell approx 500 individuals between Friday and sunday.

"Chocolate has no calories....

Chocolate is food for the soul, The soul has no weight, therefore no calories" so said a customer, a lovely southern woman, after consuming chocolate indulgence



550 East Meadow Ave. East meadow, NY 11554


Brian Fishman

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I am going through Passover hell (if not for my 2 guys and my student interns)

Ditto that.

In the last 5 hours, 50 dz. mandelbrot, 16 dz. kichel, 24 pans of brownies, 50 cakes and 350 rolls have gone out. (plus food) I do all the baking - mom helps decorate. I've also had one university student helping. (and we do all the other food too - with another 2 people in the kitchen)

How do we do it? Freeze what we can ahead of time - and stay at work until 2 am.

I'm going home to sleep now.

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I work in a private club and our buffet will be 4 hours long. In that short space of time they will squeeze in 500 adults and 200 children. We only have seating for about 120, so I guess they will have to heard them out if they stay too long. I have a new assistant that does not know how to bake anything except muffins and cookies, so I pretty much have to make it all. We will have breakfast muffins, danish, fruit breads, coffee cake, scones on the breakfast part of the buffet. On the dessert tables I will have Strawberry cream cake, Lemon bundt cake, chocolate mousse Maryanns, white chocolate and raspberry tarts, peach pie, those are all full sized and cut. The rest will be individual small servings of cream puffs, chocolate cheese mousse tulips, coffee pyramids, lemon tarts, pear tarts, cheesecake, chocolate torte, mint mallow chocolate cups, chocolate dipped strawberries. For the children there will be mini cupcakes, decorated cookies and rainbow jello mold. I have been making the cake layers and tart shells and freezing them and will begin to assemble the less delicate items Friday, bake the pies on Saturday along with the cupcakes, muffins, scones etc. Get to work early Sunday and cut and finish everything and set up for the first seating by 10:30 I usually have a good schedule, so I guess I won't complain about a week of long hours and six days. It just seems the older I get the more I wonder why these people don't stay home and enjoy their families, so I could too.

check out my baking and pastry books at the Pastrymama1 shop on www.Half.ebay.com

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I bow low and kiss your sweet-encrusted hands.

The idea of all of you, in a swirl of sugar and butter and flour and chocolate and all the creamy, dreamy, crusty, luscious variations thereof---sugarplums dancing, indeed! :wub:

You all have my admiration and vicarious delight, with a wish for a warm footbath and comfy cushion at the end of those long, exacting days. And a shower the minute you get home---all that deliciousness floating in the air, dripping onto surfaces, sticking to hands and aprons and sleeves---I am reminded of every trip to Cafe' du Monde---their staying open 24 hours seems to omit a time to mop the floors, so every step is accompanied by a little scritch scritch of shoesoles on the sugar-snowed floor.

I especially envy those of you who are making the BIG look-into sugar eggs---the rich kid across the street had one when i was a child, and she'd let me look into the magical scene of bunnies and a far-off castle---I probably left eyebrow traces on that thing. It was the most transporting, lovely thing I had ever seen, at seven, and I longed for one of my own with a fervor usually reserved for bikes and dates with Davy Jones.

I wish you all well on these long, bone-wearying days. The fruit of your hands will delight all the senses, give joy and pleasure and great memories, and will be remembered longer than you realize.

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