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Free Online Restaurant Guide?


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Does anyone know of a free online restaurant guide that narrows search by cuisine, location and price (you know $, $$, $$$, $$$$, etc)

Looking for good restaurants in Sunnyvale, CA that won't break the bank....

Thank you,


*NEED*: Lemongrass Powder, Grapeskin Powder, Flavor Oils (oil-based)

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There's siliconevalley.citysearch.com, and a limited amount of information on sfgate.com.

Another option is to post on either here or on chowhound to get restaurant recommendations.

Good luck!

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This comment is only historical, rather than current.

But ironically the first major HTTP food site for the SF Bay Area was exactly what the original poster requested. The Bay Area Restaurant Guide (BARG) listed all of the restaurants in the region (if any were missing, you could add them); people could search by categories as mjamonica mentioned, or add comments about the restaurants. It was lightly moderated, in the modern style. Thousands of people contributed comments; everyone I knew of who was online in the region read it, including at least one other contributor here. It operated from 1994-1997 and thus predated Chowhound by three years. Archives exist.

Memory lane. -- Max

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Looking for good restaurants in Sunnyvale, CA that won't break the bank....

Maybe very useful for that area, there's a thorough, independently maintained index for Mountain View and "nearby" areas, which may overlap Sunnyvale.

The following index of Restaurants around Mountain View's small downtown district (now 85 of them and counting, by the way, all within walking distance of each other) contains a further link (currently labeled "New!") to the larger list of over 250 restaurants in the rest of MV and nearby areas, and info on some former restaurants.

Also, the following local independent businesses appeared as readers' picks in the 2006 "Best of Mountain View" summary just published in the Mountain View Voice. (Note that certain of these categories have considerable competition even within MV. Even just downtown MV.)

Uncle Frank's BBQ (Best BBQ)

Cascal (Best Business Lunch)

Cafe Yulong (Best Chinese)

Dana Street Roasting Company (Best Coffee)

Chez TJ (Best Fine Dining)

Amber India (Best Indian)

Fiesta del Mar (Best Mexican)

Zucca (Best Middle Eastern)

Tung Kee Noodle (Best Noodle House)

Amici's East Coast Pizzeria (Best Pizza)

Milk Pail Market (Best Small Grocery Store)

Amarin Thai (Best Thai)

Garden Fresh (Best Vegetarian)

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