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Japanese cuisine, nothing fancy, just good quality


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I tried to search if there was a thread that related to this already on this forum, but I couldn't find one. I know there's been mention of certain similiar spots such as the place on Cambie, etc., but it seems they probably weren't in a Japanese restaurant related thread, not specific to a certain restaurant.

A place that I recommend in Richmond, is at Garden City and Blundell, Oyasato Japanese Food. Very, very good food, extremely good prices, nice service. Very clean, and open kitchen. The Japanese folks that operate it have been there quite a long time. A great little place. :smile: (Eat in or Take out)

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I'd say Wabi Sabi. Excellent quality in quite a neat little neighbourhood spot. Sometimes "fancy" and "good quality" tend to go hand in hand, but I think Wabi Sabi hits all the right marks.

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I hope Daddy-A adds a link to this thread in http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=66736 :wink:

Considering the number of Japanese in Vancouver the quality is not what one would expect. I guess the 99 cent sushi craze has taken its toll.

Some place worth considering in Vancouver are:

- Sakae

- Aki

Both are on Thurlow in the same underground area across the street from the Shangri-La construction site.

Sakae specializes in sushi, but does a reasonable job on other items as well. Aki specializes in izakaya/robata.

Only been once to Zakushi on Denman, but they did a reasonable job on various yaki and also have some Okinawa specialties on the menu.

Of course there are always the do-it-yourself options by shopping at Angel Seafood. :wink:


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Our favorite for great quality Japanese sushi is Ajisai which is in an unusual location - in a mews between 41st and 42nd Avenue off East Boulevard. The most notable local landmark is the London Drugs on 42nd Avenue. Find the LD and you can't miss Ajisai.

They are open for lunch and dinner (closed Mondays) and expect lineups as there are a very limited number of seats (about 15 at the tables and about 6 at the sushi bar) but the lineups are well worth it.

Fabulously fresh and great variety, terrific selection. Only downside is the lack of a deep fryer so no tempura. Personally, I see that as a positive but the daughters miss yam tempura, one of their favorites. They do a very inventive dynamite roll. using cornflakes to substitute for the 'crunch' of the tempura prawn.

But this is all sushi, all the time.



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