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Seekh Kebab


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Hi Abra,

I wonder if you leave it on the grill longer and let some of the fat come out to 'loosen' it before turning it whether it might help. Also, leaving it a little longer before turning it will 'firm up' more through the act of cooking. At our factory, we make skinless sausages 'Cevapcici's' and sometimes put skewers in them. We find that if you turn it too early it sticks and messes it up. Also, I havent read all your posts and I'm not sure what you are cooking on. I'm sure you are well aware that some cooking surfaces are more sticky than others.

Also I think the reason you are getting good binding when you mix your meat mix is because the salt added and the action of the paddling, you are extruding the ends of the 'myosin' proteins which are very sticky which is also what always you to mix in water or wine to the mix (if you want) without it losing any juice whilst cooking. Even 5 minutes of hard kneading by hand should be enough to extract this protein in 'non-emulsified' mince meat mixes.

Hope this is of use.


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