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Celebrity Chef Interview


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I am currently filling out a simple Q&A for a journalist for an interview I am doing this week. This got me thinking do people actually care what my favorite colour is ?

So I was thinking, what's the ten best food related questions for a chef interview or even a simple Q&A...

I'll start the ball rolling

1. What’s your most important kitchen appliance that you can’t do without?

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Who was your inspiration and muse in becoming a chef?

How do you deal with days in which you can find nothing inspiring you to make some new dish?

What is your particular favorite ingredient among those you use that you like to work with best? and your least favorite?

Who, for you, is your best audience or the people for whom you most like to cook?

Do you think some people have un-tested tastebuds that just need to be awakened or if some people just are frightened by "new" foods?

Which cooking technique is the best for you? Are you most into braising, roasting, smoking, etc?

Melissa Goodman aka "Gifted Gourmet"

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These are also excellent questions for someone like myself who is considering a career change into the world of cookery and possible culinary school to jumpstart that.

Bryan C. Andregg

"Give us an old, black man singing the blues and some beer. I'll provide the BBQ."

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WHY do you cook? Is it for the artistry? For the recipients of the food? What is the thing that validates it for you?

Katie M. Loeb
Booze Muse, Spiritual Advisor

Author: Shake, Stir, Pour:Fresh Homegrown Cocktails

Bartendrix,Intoxicologist, Beverage Consultant, Philadelphia, PA
Captain Liberty of the Good Varietals, Aphrodite of Alcohol

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How about: Now that you're a celebrity chef, does cooking just get in the way of your other activities?

Rich Schulhoff

Opinions are like friends, everyone has some but what matters is how you respect them!

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I'd like to see some questions about trends...

How important are they?

Which one are you the most tired of?

Which one do you find most exciting?

And which do you think will become long-lasting?

"We had dry martinis; great wing-shaped glasses of perfumed fire, tangy as the early morning air." - Elaine Dundy, The Dud Avocado

Queenie Takes Manhattan

eG Foodblogs: 2006 - 2007

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Favorite type of cuisine to eat when you're not in the kitchen?

Weirdest ingredient you've ever used?

Biggest surprise in terms of taste (what tasted much better/worse than you expected?)?

And of course, the ubiquitous "what would you eat for your last meal/dish on earth" question

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Ever play Iron Chef? Even at home or with other staff? Even in your head?

It's the 4th of July (or other major summer/grill related holiday), and there's a burn ban. What do you do?

How was your Mom's cooking?

How would you describe food to someone with no sense of taste or smell?

Could you convert a vegan?

Most addictive food on the face of the earth?

(My mind works in strange ways though. There's a bunch more stuff like that.)

Screw it. It's a Butterball.
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What advice would you give to:

[a] A young chef starting out

A food critic

A diner

Are all tastebuds created equal, and how can you improve them?

What do you consider to be the most under-rated dish or food?

What do you consider to be the most over-rated dish or food?

What dish is most frequently cooked incorrectly?

What is the most challenging dish you ever made?

What is the most disappointing dish you ever made, and ever tasted?

What are your store cupboard staples at home?

What is your favourite quick and easy meal?

Do you think there is such a thing as a food snob, and if so, what are the worst offences?

What was been the best moment of your life so far, from a culinary perspective?

What was your lowest point, and did you ever consider giving up?

Would you like your children to go into the same business?

At what age would you like to retire, and what do you see yourself doing then?

Edited by Corinna Dunne (log)
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1) What about your favorite stories -- disasters, accidents and near-accidents, embarrassments, people screwing up or losing their composure, idiocy and incompetence -- you know, the good stuff... Give us a few anecdotes from your professional life. Share some stories.

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